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As the parent of the Pleasant Valley High School graduates, I was by concerned by the recent Quad-City Times coverage of the district's grant application to the National Rifle Association for funding for a student club.

The Times' story completely missed the most salient point identified by the excellent PV Spartan Shield reporting. The issue is the use of money provided by an organization, the NRA , with a promise to support that organization’s political agenda.

School Board President Cournoyer wrote directly in the grant application that receipt of the grant would advance the pro-gun lobby, get PV volunteers and staff to join the NRA and promote the NRA’s view of the Second Amendment. The NRA’s positions on responsible gun legislation are very much a partisan political issue; positions that the majority of people in Iowa and this country do not support. Asking for money from the NRA and promising it that our school district will support the NRA, will encourage new memberships and, in the words of the grant application, “.....advocate for the 2nd amendment through responsible gun ownership by law abiding citizens, thereby increasing the number of supporters for pro-gun legislation” displays a political bias that is inappropriate for our public school.

The fact that President Cournoyer wrote this grant makes this all the more troubling. One wonders what kind of support Ms. Cournoyer is receiving from the NRA in her political bid for the Iowa Senate. This is the point that needs to be investigated.

Cathy Bolkcom