As a father of three children and a husband of a para-educator in the Davenport Community School District system, it is important to me that we have school board members who are strong advocates for our schools and put our children first. That is why I am proud to support David Reke for Davenport Community School Board.

In Davenport, we receive up to $175 less per student from the state of Iowa compared to other school districts. It's as if the state  is saying a student from Davenport is worth $175 less than a child in a different school district.

Every candidate in this race will support equal funding, but what sets David apart from other candidates is that he has already been advocating for our children. This past winter, when I ran for state Senate, David approached me to make sure I supported funding equality.

David has been pushing all our local state legislators to support funding equality. He even traveled to Des Moines during the last legislative session to lobby the Iowa Department of Education director and other political leaders on equal funding. Following the last legislative session, David has been meeting with gubernatorial candidates from both parties to get their support for equal funding.

David has the right combination of talent, energy, and passion to advocate for Davenport and improve the lives of our children. If you want equal funding for your children, I urge you to vote for David Reke on Sept. 12.

Michael Gonzales