As a Bettendorf resident without school-age children, my approach is slightly different than many regarding next week's school board election. As taxpayers, we need to vote in people who will be good stewards of our money and resources, those who have a vision of the total impact of decisions made by the board on all of Bettendorf’s citizens.

With the recent uproar over the increase in Bettendorf’s property taxes, everyone should have an interest in the upcoming school board election. Your tax dollars (41.37 percent) are allocated for the school district.

Since the decision was made to build a new Grant Wood Elementary School, it is true, there has been very little talk of closing other schools, however, there has been no plan laid out (financially or otherwise) for improvements to the other schools to help them open even though the public has repeatedly asked.

Bettendorf is a great place to live and I don’t mind that 41.37 percent is spent on the schools as long it is equitable to all schools, which in turn keeps all our neighborhoods viable and desirable locations to live.

I will be voting for Andrew Champion, Adam Holland, and Richard Lynch as I feel they will bring a good mix to the school board with their enthusiasm for public service and abilities to negotiate and compromise.

I encourage you to take time to learn about all the candidates. Listen to the candidate forum, read up on them and go vote.

Barb Krajewski