The recommendation of Bettendorf school administrators to close Mark Twain and Thomas Jefferson elementary schools and build a new three-section school is concerning. For many reasons, we bought in our neighborhood, including low turnover of housing for sale, beautiful views and proximity to many amenities. Our decision was enhanced by the neighborhood school, which would allow us to easily market our house when the time comes.

As a Bettendorf taxpayer, I have some questions:

How many of the 19 or so administrators that worked on or approved this recommendation actually live in Bettendorf? Will their children be affected? How about their property values? Are they going to see an increase in their property taxes to pay for their recommendation?

The communities of these two schools would benefit greatly and have spoken loudly about their desire for renovations and common goal to keep both schools open in their current locations. Since both buildings have “good bones” this appears the fiscally responsible choice.

These administrators have not shown a clear financial or academic strategic vision as to why these two school communities should become one larger community. For these reasons, we need to urge the school board to question the administrators recommendation, listen to the residents, and explore other options.

All residents who live, work, play, and educate their children here should attend the public meeting at 8 a.m. today at Herbert Hoover Elementary School, Bettendorf, with questions and concerns.

Barb Krajewski