I do not think I’m alone here when I question the lack of access we have to getting answers from Iowa's U.S. senators.

How is it possible to call their offices just hours before any given vote and not be able to get an answer as to how they will vote?

Typically, the Washington office will say it “cannot speak for the senator. I respond,” I’m calling the senators D.C. office and nobody can speak for the senator?"

They leave no instructions as to how to respond to an Iowan as to how they intend to vote on behalf of Iowa other than to be evasive?

They have sworn to vote on behalf of Iowa and Iowans, yet they do not. The Charles and David Koch brothers are not Iowans.

Perhaps if I had a few million dollars to give to these senators, I could at the very least get an answer to my question on a vote.

For now, I guess we Iowans are expected to settle for the coordinated lies they spew. I will continue to demand more and better.

Barb Walsh