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Monday's Letters to the Editor included the usual pro-choice positions designed to keep things stirred up. First, we would like to thank state Sen. Roby Smith and the rest of the lawmakers who care for all Iowans, be they born or pre-born.

We had letter writer Barb Walsh, who is afraid that the state will be spending so much money defending the bill that was legally passed and signed by the governor. The legislation was doing the will of the majority of Iowans. For too many years, the silent majority has been too silent about this disaster that has fallen on our state and country; the death of millions of Americans.

It is time for us Americans to take responsibility for enjoying activities, which may create another human being. Humans were created to enjoy life, but there are consequences for our actions.

If you don’t want to be responsible for the baby you may be creating, don’t participate in the activities. It is as simple as that.

The second letter by Sam Osborne argued the Iowa Legislature is playing God by passing the "fetal heartbeat" law, which stops him or another person from killing the baby. He wants to play God himself. He thinks that God gives a woman the right to kill her baby. We doubt that God has given any woman this right. 

We find it distressing that people still deny the fact that a heartbeat is the beginning of life, for all life, be it a human or an animal. The way humans are created can be a very pleasurable event and even God wanted humans to go forth and multiply. But once again, we are saying we need to be responsible. 

Chris and Bev Heidgerken