I read four letters to the editor in January that disparage the media for alleged bias. All four letters claim that opinions expressed in the media have an overwhelming liberal bias. And therefore, the news reporting in a MSM publication has a liberal bias as well.

I agree that opinions expressed in some MSM publications have a liberal bias. But I do not agree that the liberal bias of opinion articles somehow taints the news reporting in MSM publications. News reporting in the MSM is unbiased because their journalists are held to higher standards than opinion writers, authors and talk show hosts.

MSM publications require their journalists to have their reporting approved by an editor, and confirmed by multiple reliable sources, before news reports are published. Journalists do not express their own opinions. A good journalist’s sole agenda is to report the facts of an event, and to provide insight into the pros and cons of that event by interviewing experts and people affected by it.

Rachel Maddow and Sean Hannity are talk show hosts, not journalists. Michael Wolff and Dana Milbank are authors, not journalists. The observations of these people can provide valuable insights, but these people almost always have an agenda other than providing the complete truth. Always be leery of using opinions as information sources.

Please put your own personal biases aside and accept news reports by MSM journalists as the shining light of truth that they strive to be. Support MSM publications with your patronization.

Richard Patterson