It’s wonderful Davenport Community School District Superintendent Art Tate tried to bring awareness to the Iowa Education Board and Legislature about Davenport funding inequities. It was this way even when I was on Davenport School Board in the 1990s. Every board since then has fought it.

They were told as we were that you still have to meet state law of writing a balanced budget. This is where the card game begins. Administrators are good at diversion; create a problem to divert your attention away from a goal. As a policy board, we set goals and try to have the superintendent follow the instructions to meet these goals. Instead, he started this campaign and began his quest.

How many voters in Davenport voted for the fourth high school in Davenport? How did the state take free and reduced lunches away from Davenport? How do you allow a middle school to close so you can sell your administration building and move into the school that won’t sell? A one-cent sales tax is the answer.

Dr. Tate has figured a way by using the one-cent sales tax for brick and mortar first then follow with the program change as he molds it. Davenport voters cannot stop him.

Look at the new expansion in the district and the employee shifting and adding salary increases, insurance costs, building supplies, equipment to fill the new buildings.

This has gone on before one student has benefited. Now you can see why Davenport has a budget shortfall.

Jim Hayek