How much longer will Americans get duped into believing that the GOP wants to help the middle-class? When will “trickle-down” policy start to help those at the bottom of the economic ladder? Never. Why is our government cutting taxes for the wealthy, then cutting programs that help the poor, disabled, veterans and the elderly?

Why are lobbyists and corporate lawyers writing our legislative agenda and policy that only benefits the wealthy? What happened to a government “of the people, by the people, and for the people?”

Why was the government, Wall Street, and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce so instrumental in destroying labor unions and collective bargaining for the American worker? Can we really have a strong economy without an affluent middle-class? Why will neither party increase the minimum wage for those who work just as hard as anyone else?

Why isn’t the Catholic Church, or any church for that matter, not pushing government to stop helping the wealthy at the expense of everyone else?

Why is every government policy, state or federal, pro-business and anti-labor? If the U.S. Senate and House are only working for the wealthy, then who is working for you and me?

The answer is simple: We now have a plutocracy.

Dave Fuller