I respectfully disagree with Rick Sundin’s recent letter to the editor stating his opinion on gun control. He said "nothing could have changed the outcome in Las Vegas." Two things could have changed the outcome. They might not have stopped the horrible event altogether, but deaths and injuries could have been minimized if bump stocks had never been allowed to have been sold in the mass market.

The incident might have been stopped altogether if there was a system put in place to alert law enforcement if someone was stockpiling guns, which this man had been doing over the past year. I’m for gun rights, but in saying that, I am also for sensible guns laws. There are certain guns and accessories that are simply only needed for deadly reasons.

Just recently a young man was sentenced to life in prison for shooting his parents who had bought his semi-automatic rifles for him. Guns have become so glamorized to many people, especially younger males, but we should be forced to become more responsible if we buy guns.

Perhaps a hefty fine if your guns are stolen or used in a crime or an accident, or perhaps if a young child gets their hands on a gun and shoots him or herself or another, the owner should be held more accountable. Illegal guns stem from legal guns initially.

With sensible laws to keep guns in the hands of only responsible owners and better knowledge of who is buying guns in the first place, more of these atrocities could be prevented or deaths minimized.

Erinn Crane