Now that the shooting is over, the dead are being buried, and the wounded are being looked after, it is time to discuss the real party that is to blame for this bloodshed: The Mandalay Bay Hotel owners.

It is not believable that a 64-year-old man could carry 10 suitcases containing 10 long-guns, 13 other firearms, plus boxes of ammunition as well as a heavy hammer, from a parking garage or lot into a hotel lobby; then get assistance from staff to put them in an elevator and deliver them to a 32nd-floor suite.

I imagine every attorney in Las Vegas cannot wait to contact the families of those killed, and of those wounded because of the hotel's staff failure to prevent this catastrophe.

Everyone who rents a hotel room expects it to be safe, like passengers expect planes to land safely because of the Transportation Safety Administration (TSA). Perhaps it is time for hoteliers to inspect luggage coming into their buildings to prevent others from bringing in weapons.

I am certain the Mandalay Bay Hotel has no insurance policy that will pay for the families suffering. No insurance firm could write a policy without demanding all luggage, golf bags, and even shopping bags were being inspected. This alone would add to the cost of staying in a large hotel.

We cannot prevent citizens from purchasing firearms, but we can legally prevent them from shooting out of hotel windows by using the power of insurance companies to demand firearms be restricted from hotels rooms.

Don Welzenbach