Over the past couple years, I've noticed a large number of spelling and grammar errors in your newspaper. I've been tempted to voice my concerns a number of times and have always put it off until I saw the Quad-City Times Dec. 31 article on a snowy owl spotted in Bettendorf.

The Times interviewed an individual named Brian and in a single sentence spelled his last name 'Blevins' and 'Belvins.' If that weren't enough, three sentences later, you refer to him as 'Blevnis.' Poor Brian was kind enough to take time to give your reporter an interview and your newspaper can't respect him enough to even take the time to get his name right. Maybe it's time to replace your copy editor, if you have one.

For the amount of money we pay for this newspaper, I think your customers deserve, at the very least, a professional product without the sloppy errors and misspellings we've been seeing the past couple of years.

Chuck Doss