The false narrative of “personal agenda and conflict of interest” perpetuated by those opposed to the candidacy of Bettendorf School Board candidates Pepper Trahan Maxine McEnany culminated in a recent open letter to school board voters, signed by three previous board members, plus two present board members who are exiting the board.

The five members were on the board when Maxine McEnany, director of finance, raised red flags about the inappropriate use of taxpayer monies and unauthorized expenditures of district funds resulting in a state re-audit. Upon the completion of the re-audit, it read, and I quote:

“Many of the findings included in the report (re-audit) indicated the board of education and the district administration did not exercise proper fiduciary oversight.”

The three previous board members and two who are now leaving, failed to address or acknowledge the seriousness of the issues that brought about the audit, which created divisions on the board, causing much unnecessary negative publicity for the Bettendorf Community School District (BCSD). Two directors that were and remain on the board, Paul Castro and Pepper Trahan, had the integrity to acknowledge the red flags and supported the audit.

Those are the facts, so don’t believe the false narrative that has been perpetuated about Director Trahan and Ms. McEnany. As a BCSD taxpayer, you should ask yourself who actually defended the taxpayers’ best interests versus those who did not. If your priorities are for the students and integrity of how your hard-earned tax dollars are spent, vote Trahan and McEnany.

David Wells