It should be pretty clear by now that we have elected a bona-fide white supremacist to the White House. We all should have known coming in to November. We should have known when we heard about his apartments in New York stamping "C" for colored on applications from black renters, which were denied on that basis. We should have known when he began his campaign labeling Mexican immigrants as rapists, while he himself battles constant and consistent sexual assault allegations.

And now we do know. We know that he hired Steve Bannon as White House chief strategist, a white nationalist, and Sebastian Gorka as a national security aide, a neo-Nazi. We know that he pardoned Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio, a person with no respect for the law, who violated court orders and targeted Latinos. We know that he defended neo-Nazis in Charlottesville, Virginia rationalizing away their chants against Jews, gays and black people.

We know all too well that seeing his poll numbers at historic lows, a multiple front criminal investigation into Russian collusion, and an impotent relationship with his own party in Congress, he has decided to attack military members and scholars in the DACA program, by again going back on a campaign promise.

He is a racist. You can't deny it at this point. If you supported him, you put your stamp of approval on racism and xenophobia.

Cody A. Eliff