Donald Trump continues to attack President Obama. Barack Obama is the most honest, compassionate, family-oriented president we have had in my lifetime. When he took office, the nation was in turmoil, nearly in another Great Depression.

Under his leadership, unemployment went from 10 percent to 4.7 percent; the longest streak of job growth (75 consecutive months) for any president.

When he took office, the Dow closed at 7,947; his last day, the Dow closed at 19,742. The Affordable Care Act passed providing health insurance to over 20 million uninsured. He saved the auto industry. He won the Nobel Peace Prize.

Obama was respectful of Trump after he won. He congratulated him, inviting Trump to the White House to ensure a smooth transition. Trump back-stabbed him. Obama’s final approval rating was 57 percent, one of the highest ratings ever for an outgoing president.

Obama is a role model for all Americans. Why does Trump continue to disrespect Obama? Trump attacks Muslims, Hispanics, African Americans and transgender people in words and actions.

He has been caught in so many lies we are no longer shocked. His “Make America First” sends a message allies can no longer count on our support. The only swamp draining has been his own appointees.

Prior to taking office, he stated he wouldn’t take vacations. He has taken 11 three-day-weekend trips to his properties, and a 17-day vacation, all paid by taxpayers.

I will continue to resist and never accept Trump. Whoever voted for him should be ashamed.

Michael Slater

Coal Valley