There have been a number of opinions that the Republican Party is showing signs of being a cult. The definition of cult is a great devotion to a person, idea, object, movement, or work.

The followers of Donald Trump are obviously blindly following him and the movement he and former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon crafted. As the public is now seeing, Trump does not have the skill set to be president. He is a danger to democracy.

As Special Counsel Robert Mueller gets closer to the facts about Russian election interference and Trump campaign collusion/obstruction, President Trump and his followers are getting anxious. We know this because of Trump’s pattern of deflection.

The tweets start coming as a way to take the focus off him and his supporters' actions. It’s always interesting, but not surprising, to hear him and other Republicans invoking the name of Hillary Clinton when damaging facts are reported. Invoking the name of Clinton signals a very damaging fact has come to light.

I lay the blame for our current state of affairs at the feet of the GOP. At some point they could have changed course during the primary. Their main goal was to get control of the government and legislate their agenda of repealing the Affordable Care Act and tax reform. They have been at this for the past 11 months with nothing to show for it. The GOP is now the party of Trump. Can they survive? Stay tuned as Trump campaign secrets are revealed.

Faith Endresen