I am aware of the passion about the issue of healthcare. I also realize that nothing good will come of health care unless everyone comes together to discuss true ramifications of a bill. Please bear with me and by no means do I offer the nitty gritty details. But I have thought the structure of a truly effective health care system based upon my experience in finance, insurance and healthcare.

The only way to lower cost of healthcare involves two principles:

  • The larger the risk pool the less the risk. I had a long career in insurance and this is a fundamental principle.
  • That means it has to be mandatory for everyone to participate.

So whether we adopt an insurance based system or a single-payer system, these are two principles that cannot be ignored. No more uninsured or underinsured people going to the emergency room as their primary care doctor because they cannot come up with a $100 out of pocket expense. For example, a diabetic who doesn't keep up on routine testing goes months and ends up in the ER simply for not being on top of his or her care.

Healthcare needs to be treated like Medicare benefits. Mandatory. And we cover everyone. Medicare suffers for the same reason people covered by private insurance pay way too much: The cost for the uninsured are passed on through the system of hospitals.

Erinn Crane, RN.