There isn’t a more beautiful sight in Moline than our deer. Some people from other towns come to Moline just to catch a glimpse of these beautiful animals.

However, that will soon be ended thanks to Moline City Council members, 2nd Ward Aldermen David Parker, 3rd Ward Alderman Mike Wendt, 4th Ward Alderman Dick Potter, 5th Ward Alderwoman Lori Turner, and 6th Ward Alderman Kevin Schoonmaker. The method to kill these deer is by bow and arrow, a terrible demise when the deer is hit and can run away, only to die a horrible death.

Instead of discouraging these animals from eating their flowers and plants, they would rather kill them. This certainly doesn’t show any regard for living creatures.

In the Sept. 27 Dispatch-Argus, Elizabeth Miller said deer could die either by starvation, disease, or being hunted. Ms. Miller said if she was a deer, she would like it quick. Well, it certainly wouldn’t be quick by bow and arrow.

There are a number of ways to keep deer out of your yard, such as Liquid Fence, deer repellent, Deer-Off, and ultrasonic sound, just to name a few.

Maybe if these people reached down in their pockets and spent a little on some of these methods, they would not only protect their property, but put a stop to this unnecessary killing.

Lois M. Kuehling