The Quad-City Times did its readers a disservice in printing an op-ed piece recently by three U.S. senators — Grassley, Cotton and Perdue — whose anti-immigration views are extreme, and a letter filled with errors about Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals.

The use of the pejorative term “chain migration” is one example of bias against immigrants. The proper term is “family reunification.” Strong families who can help one another are the bedrock of our society. Earlier groups who came here — Germans, Irish, Italians — depended on extended family to get a foothold. After all, they were and are not eligible for welfare. No one seems to understand this.

As Pope Francis says, to be “pro-life” is to be “pro-family” because the family is the cradle of life. Green card holders can sponsor their parents and minor children. They cannot bring in secondary relationships, let alone aunts, uncles and cousins. It is “fake news” to write that an Uzbek who killed eight people in New York brought “23 relatives” here after getting a visa in the lottery in 2010.

The Feb. 6 letter also claimed that the 800,000 DACA recipients would “soar to 4 million Democrat voters” if allowed to stay. His math is fuzzy, but his politics are clear.

One of my friends says “chain migration” puts her in mind of Africans who were brought here in chains. Those unwilling immigrants came by sea. A wall would not have kept them out. It didn’t work for the Chinese in 300 B.C., and it won’t work now.

Patricia Welch