This spring, our Iowa Legislature passed a bill that required women to have a three-day waiting period before seeking an abortion. It also requires women to have an ultrasound, and/or a description of the baby and hear its heartbeat. This bill was signed into law by Gov. Terry Branstad, R-Iowa. This law is being contested by Planned Parenthood, they claim it is unfair to women.

What about the baby’s rights? Is it too much to ask for three precious days to become fully aware of the life within the womb of its mother? Planned Parenthood wants women to believe they are only carrying tissue within their womb, but an ultrasound, which Planned Parenthood does not have or offer, shows it to be a baby and can let one hear the little baby’s heartbeat.

Also, the three-day waiting period may give the mother time to think and change her mind. Planned Parenthood does not want to lose their abortion patients because that means they lose money.

Life is precious and abortion is a great offense to God, the giver of life. We mourn the lives of people who have died by disasters such as hurricanes, earthquakes, fires and killings, such as the Las Vegas massacre.

We step up to the plate and help our fellow man. We must do the same for our future children who are being murdered. Whenever possible, vote against abortion and pray to end abortion once and for all. Our world will be a better place once abortion is abolished.

Ruth Weber