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This is just not normal. Please citizens, do not allow this to be normal. Democracy does not permit leaders to dictate to employees, elected leaders and us, who we can speak to. Democracy does not flourish if leaders censor what we can say. Davenport City Administrator Corri Spiegel and City Attorney Tom Warner are mimicking the person in the White House. Unless you follow their “suggestions, requests or demands,” pertaining to who you can speak to and what you can say to them, threats are being made. No.

Why is everything being kept secret and so hush-hush? Why are Spiegel and Warner so worried about Fire Chief Lynn Washburn interacting with whomever? What are they afraid of? Perhaps mistakes have been made; bad behavior may come to light?

Is Chief Washburn being harassed by those in power who don’t want the truth to be known? We live in a democracy. We cannot allow Spiegel and Warner to limit any citizen’s rights. This is not normal, don’t accept it to be.

Pat Jones