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With all that has been going on concerning school shootings lately, it’s hard to wrap your head around how this could happen. How can somebody be able to go so easily into a school filled with young children and kill them? How are we allowing someone to have even the slightest ability to do that?

Gun control: Some people claim it doesn’t matter and gun laws won’t do anything. Their ignorance frustrates me. If we don’t do anything now, what’s going to stop this from continuing in the future? Other countries are continually making progress on gun control, and if you would actually do the research, you would realize that progress is working. Australia implemented stronger gun laws after a mass shooting 22 years ago and haven’t had any mass shootings since. Our numbers of mass shootings have only increased.

We need to come together and agree this is a problem that needs to be fixed desperately. This can’t keep happening, and in order for it to stop happening, we need to change things. Our president needs to stand up and do something so these shootings quit happening.

Don’t let the politicians fool you when they purposely dodge gun control questions. In order for this to stop, we have to be a united country and agree this isn’t right. We need to have faith and be willing to negotiate on the matter. People can’t keep dying. This will only get worse if we let it.

Anna Schenkel

Cedar Rapids