Why is Chuck Grassley hiding from Iowans?

I have attempted several times recently to contact, via phone, Grassley's Washington office. We are now directed to leave only a message on his website and there is no longer any option to leave a voice message.

Typically, until recently, the voicemail box would occasionally indicate it was full, but even that is no longer happening. The office phone is also not picked up by any staffer.

The regional offices had no idea that this was now occurring at the Washington office — in our cradle of Democracy.

It would appear that old Chuck is aware that he is doing things that Iowan's cannot abide and is simply afraid to take any calls about them.

As an Iowan, I believe we call that craven cowardice. It is also the abandoning of his oath of office in apparent favor of party versus the people.

Barb Walsh