Regarding "Davenport Police Recruitment Still Not Diverse" by Devan Patel published in the Quad-City Times Jan. 27:

I have seen very similar stories in the Times for the past 40 years or more. Periodically, the city of Davenport has to soothe its conscience by mentioning something about diversity and equity within all its departments. The fact is, there is very little diversity and equity. Through many city administrations, the common attention to these topics is nothing but lip service.

The Affirmative Action Commissions, and Inclusion and Equity Administrations have been toothless agencies. Affirmative Action Plans have been a joke. I would love to see any data on what progress has been made in these areas. Changing the name of this plan to the Inclusion and Equity Plan does nothing.

For 50 percent of minority Police Department applications to disappear without explanation before the written test shows great indifference and sloppiness in the hiring process.

Ninety-two percent of full-time city employees are supposedly Caucasian. Where is the diversity and equity? I assume that the remaining eight percent are minority or people of color. And they are probably pushing a broom.

Affirmative action should always be an element in the performance evaluation of any manager or supervisor; this doesn’t seem to be the case in the city of Davenport. But Davenport can feel a little comfort because a very similar picture exists in the hiring practices of the largest employers in the area. Diversity and inclusion continue to be hollow themes and words in this locality.

Jaime Contreras