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River Music Experience


129 Main Street
Davenport, IA 52801
Last Updated: June 26, 2017


About River Music Experience

Welcome to River Music Experience

River Music Experience, home of The Redstone Room, is a nonprofit performing arts center dedicated to providing opportunities for the community to listen to, learn about, and play music. We do that with live shows in The Redstone Room, music education for all ages, and stages for community members to play their music.

The River Music Experience is continuing to build the Quad-Cities’ music scene through music and educational programs. All profits go toward music and programs that continue to support our mission of creating opportunities for everyone to listen, learn, play and perform music.

Stop in and enjoy our unique and intimate live music venue that showcases all genres and caliber of music, from top-tier national touring acts to local musicians, as well as incubators and educational programs.


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“RME is a great and necessary staple in the community. They combine the arts with education and entertainment. Deb Powers is a very helpful, knowledgeable and capable leader. The work that RME does is both enriching and innovative. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and am forever changed, for the better, as a result.”

-Jaron V.

“Absolutely love the Redstone Room at RME. Not only is it a great venue to go to for live music but they also have some very good acts that play there. Hope everyone will support RME as they do incredible work with kids in music.”

-Russ B.

“The RME strives to be the best place in the Quad Cities to learn about, listen to and play music for all ages. Cheers to the Quad Cities for helping us continue our mission.”

-Deb P.

“RME is near and dear to our family. We have made many great memories there and have found wonderful opportunities for our children to learn, explore and perform music there.”

-Marybeth M.

“Awesome place to learn about music. Great venues and an awesome staff. I always enjoy going to the RME!”

-Matt N.

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