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Pain Centers Of Iowa


5515 Utica Ridge Rd Ste 600
Davenport, IA 52807
Last Updated: December 30, 2016




About Pain Centers Of Iowa

Welcome to Pain Centers of Iowa!

Pain Centers of Iowa serves the Quad-City community and surrounding areas by providing relief within reach. Led by John Dooley, M.D., who is board-certified in Anesthesia, Critical Care Medicine and Pain Management, we are leaders in identifying pain generators.

Dr. Dooley, who has been practicing in the Quad-Cities since 1996, develops a personalized pain relief program for each of his patients after a full pain assessment at consultation. We strive to be pioneers in the advancement of pain management techniques. We continue to be informed and trained in new methods and technology.

Pain Centers of Iowa offers a multitude of services, but we specialize in treating back pain patients and performing Kyphoplasty to remedy Osteoporosis-related fractures. We also are leaders in treating bone health management, Osteoporosis management, sports injuries and tendon injuries. Additionally, we offer a unique platelet-rich plasma therapy for bioregenerative purposes. Recently, we just started providing a new FDA-approved therapy that is designed to relieve chronic back pain that patients continually suffer after undergoing a back surgery.

At the innovative Pain Centers of Iowa, our focus is on you and what is causing your pain. Millions of people suffer with chronic pain in the United States, a growing area of concern and focus in our community. Dr. Dooley has been treating pain for more than 25 years and continues to be a pioneer in the field of pain management. It is his belief that, “It is important to be technologically prepared in this evolving challenge to keep patients ahead of their pain.”

To best serve our valued clients and provide the best possible customer care, we have three offices in Iowa. In Davenport, we are located at 5515 Utica Ridge Road, Suite # 600. Our phone number is (563) 344-1050 and our fax is (563) 424-4579. We also have additional sites in Burlington and Coralville. Our Burlington office is located at 903 Oak Street, while our Coralville site is positioned at 2180 Norcor Avenue, Suite B.

For more information, you can visit our website at: You also can connect with us via email at:

Pain Centers of Iowa is contracted with most insurance companies and works with physicians who refer their patients to us. We are open Monday through Thursday, from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30, and on Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. We accept all major credit cards, cash and checks.

At Pain Centers of Iowa, our focus is on the cause of your pain. This determines the best interventions and paths to take so patients can get their lives back. Not every patient has the same response to pain, either physically or emotionally. We are here to evaluate and support your condition through innovative interventions and combined community support as may be indicated. You are unique, so are your responses to your pain. Your pain is very personal to you, we understand this. We can help you live a better quality of life. Pain is frequently a constant battle and we look forward to intervening and supporting you through this challenge at Pain Centers of Iowa.

About Dr. John B. Dooley

John B. Dooley, MD, Bachelor of Science in Zoology, Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa (1976-1980). Dr. Dooley received his Doctor of Medicine at the University of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa (1980-1984). He continued with his Residency in Anesthesiology at Hartford Hospital, Hartford, Connecticut (1985-1987). Dr. Dooley then continued with his Critical Care Medicine Fellowship at the University of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa (1987-1988).
Board Certifications: Anesthesiology (1988), Critical Care Medicine (1989) & Pain Management (1996).

Organizations/ memberships
• American Academy of Pain Management
• American Medical Association
• American Society of Anesthesiology
• American Society of Interventional Pain Physicians
• International Spinal Injection Society
• North American Spine Society
• Iowa Medical Society
• Iowa Society of Anesthesiologists
• Scott County Medical Association

To schedule an appointment in Davenport, call us today at (563) 344-1050!

Our Services

Following are our primary services:

• Vertebral Augmentation/ Kyphoplasty (Osteoporosis Fractures)
• Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy (Bioregenerative)
• Spinal Cord Stimulators (Chronic Pain)
• Intrathecal Pain Pump Implant (Chronic Pain, Cancer Pain)
• Ketamine Infusion (Chronic Pain)
• Orthovisc Joint Injection (Degenerative Knee Arthritis)
• Ultra-Sound Guided Injections
• Epidural Blood Patch
• Transforaminal Steroid Injection (Cervical, Thoracic & Lumbar)
• Trigger Point Injections (Muscle Pain)
• Sacroiliac Joint Injections (Low Back Pain)
• Peripheral Nerve Blocks (Extremity Pain)
• Sympathetic Nerve Blocks (Extremity Pain)
• Occipital Nerve Blocks (Upper Neck Pain)
• Medial Branch Blocks (Spinal Pain)
• Facet Injections (Spinal Pain)
• Radio Frequency Lesioning (Spinal Pain)
• Manual Therapy (Muscle Pain)
• Botox for Migraines
• Genicular Nerve block (G-Block)
• Genicular Nerve Ablation (RF Neurotomy)



Pain Centers of Iowa

  5515 Utica Ridge Rd Ste 600 
           Davenport, IA 52807  



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For people who suffer chronic back pain after a back surgery, we now are providing a new FDA-approved therapy to treat this continual pain. Stop in and see us today at  5515 Utica Ridge Road, Suite 600, in Davenport.



Pain Centers of Iowa

  5515 Utica Ridge Rd Ste 600 
           Davenport, IA 52807  








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