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Tiffany and Troy Paarman, DeWitt, Iowa, boy, May 14.

Kari Schluter, Davenport, boy, June 12.

Emily Buettner and Matthew Morris, Long Grove, girl, June 13.

Brandy Auterson-Hurst and David Hurst, Davenport, boy, June 17.

Shanika Foster, Davenport, boy, June 17.

Michelle and Larry Goodwin, Eldridge, girl, June 17.

Ashley and Timothy Holmes, Davenport, girl, June 18.

Hope Bennett, Davenport, girl, June 18.

Britney and Greg Holst, Davenport, girl, June 18.

Tabetha and Brandon Robinson, Davenport, boy, June 19.

Angie Moses and Trevon Spicer, Davenport, girl, June 19.

Shamane Serrano, Davenport, boy, June 19.


Lamont Austin Jr. and Shatara Farmby, East Moline, girl, June 18.

James Schomburg Jr. and Caitlin Gorey, Davenport, girl, June 20.

Chance and Erika Huston, Rock Island, girl, June 19.

Jeremy and Michelle Burge, Orion, Ill., boy, June 20.


Holly and Keith Pearl Wilton, Iowa, girl, June 19.

Drew and Craig Scharer, Rock Island, boy, June 19.

Shannon and Aaron Soenksen, Dewitt, Iowa, girl, June 19.

Amanda and Eric Wood, Rock Island, twins boy and girl, June 14.

Carly and Sean Counihan, Bettendorf, girl, June 15.

Holly and Greg Murray Bettendorf, girl, June 15.


Lisa Requet and David Requet Jr., Coal Valley, boy, June 18.

Candice Kelley, Moline, girl, June 19.

Po Chit and Kuka Paw, Rock Island, boy, June 21.

Temika Polk and Henri Ford II, Milan, girl, June 21.

Kelly Debus and Joe Olson, Milan, boy, June 20.


Jennifer and Nick Boudreau, Deerfield, Ill., girl, May 15, 2013. Grandparents, Cyndee and Stan Boudreau and great-grandmother, Doris Wiebler, all of Davenport.

Fire calls



No calls reported.



4:06 p.m., 2724 W. Laurel St., unauthorized burning.

False alarms: 4.

Investigations: 5.



No calls reported.



5:11 p.m., 3104 12th Ave., assist.

6:12 p.m., 3330 37th Ave. Dr., assist.

9:59 p.m., 6920 27th St., structure fire.


1:36 a.m., 205 31st Ave., assist.



10:08 p.m., 1717 88th Ave. W., structure fire.

Investigation: 1.



William Bailey Jr., East Moline, and Gayle Lynette Woods-Stewart, South Holland, Ill.

Nicholas Charles Baltz and Alyssa Lea Young, Bettendorf.

Colton Rondell Chenoweth, Port Byron, and Breyana Jane Chapman, Milan.

Daniel Charles Clark and Elizabeth Frances Peterson, Fulton, Ill.

Sean Christian Condon, Davenport, and Brittny Lynn Drish, Rock Island.

Christopher James Dasso, Milan, and Michelle Taimi Bower, Rock Island.

Justin Robert Erickson and Tarryn Corrinne Carey, Port Byron.

Joshua Thomas Evans and Laurie Lyn Sevier, Silvis.

Jonathan Tanner Garner and Ariel Lynn Colley, Davenport.

Ian Richard Haas and Nicole Marie VanCamp, Davenport.

David Bryan Hickman and Alicia Nicole Brown, Rock Island.

Jonathan Jay Koeppel, DeWitt, Iowa, and Amanda Michelle Eslinger, Coal Valley.

Mitchell Cullen Mink, Davenport, and Ann Margaret Foutch, Moline.

Joshua Lee Morris and Savannah Marie Hartenhoff, Davenport.

Adolfo Clinton Perez and Stephanie Marjorie Funk, Andalusia, Ill.

Jonathan James Richmiller and Elizabeth Terese Moore, Davenport.

Bryan Robert Schmid and Stephanie Marie Dilling, Rock Island.

Daniel Joseph Spinks and Kristeleen Rose Corpuz Coste, Hampton, Ill.

Paul Frazier Watson and Lisa Carlynn Deedon, Mathersville, Ill.

Ian Eugene Westerfield, Davenport, and Shawnika Shaylene Lacey, Rock Island.

Ronald Alan Willhite and Colleen Marian Melody, Cordova, Ill.

Geraud Constant Zinsou and Ashleigh Anne Park, Moline.

Connor Frederick Leighton and Catherine Shanae Masters, Moline.


Scott R. Swanson, 35, and LeAnn M. Woodruff, 34, Davenport.

Ryan J. Vretis, 25, and Alyssa A. Rauch, 24, Bettendorf.

Melissa M. Housinga, 29, Eldridge, and Michael D. Landers, 40, Park View.

Collin D. DeMarlie, 28, and Lindsay M. Reynolds, 27, LeClaire.

Chad L. Hein, 33, and Ty J. Carnithan, 31, Davenport.

Meghan E. Williams, 24, and Paul E. Tompkins III, 26, Davenport.

Shanna L. Smith, 23, and Drew O. Miller, 27, Davenport.

Stephanie R. Lijequist, 22, and Corey J. Erps, 21, Davenport.

Eric D. Hall, 36, and Nicole L. Jackson, 38, Peoria.

Dustin G. Snow, 22, and Nicara M. Eyman, 22, Davenport.

Amanda M. Wilson, 28, and Bradley J. Dahms, 30, Davenport.

Breelyn M. McMahon, 24, and Mitchell J. Seifert, 27, Davenport.

Heather D. Mathis, 39, and Chad C. Christy, age not listed, LeClaire.

Kendra E. Maxwell, 29, and Gabriel A. Hudson Jr., 32, Naperville, Ill.

Celina D. Herrick, 26, and Troy J. Hanson, 30, Rock Island

Matthew J. Medlock, 21, and Samantha R. Buescher, 19, Davenport.

Cassie L. Foust, 23, and Jeremy H. Reyes, 31, Davenport.

Loretta L. Stier, 30, and Sean C. Rankin, 29, Moline.

Leslie M. Mendoza, 26, and David S. Casas, 33, Davenport.

Samuel T. Hickman, 23, and Alexis R. Thompson, 21, Davenport.

Lauren M, Johnson, 25, and Joshua C. Leonard, 24, Davenport.

Sarah J. Sheedy, 27, and Ryan J. Buhman, 29, Blue Grass.

Edward J. Curley, 51, and Caroline M. Rasmussen, 39, Davenport.

Lynette Smith, 54, and Ronald L. Randolph, 56, Davenport.

Kristina V. Artemyeva, 29, Iowa City, and William G. Fogerson, 28, Moline.

Martha A. Martinez, 40, and Alberto Gomez, 40, Davenport.

Thelma L. Block-Dykes, 52, Davenport, and Stephen P. Kiwala, 61, Rock Island.

Timothy D. Nelson, 57, and Cathy A. Weik, 58, Durant, Iowa.

James R. Johns, age not listed, Davenport, and Shannon R. Willers, age not listed, Eldridge.

Kirsten M. Brown, 25, and Jared C. Peck, 25, Davenport.

Jesyka J. Bramstedt, 22, and Scott R. Stegeman, 24, Davenport.

Scott L. Shields, 45, and Cara M. Clayes, 29, Bettendorf.

Melissa K. Stanley, 40, and Aletha R. Stanley, 43, Anderson, Ind.

Kenneth H. Dazey, 70, and Susan L. Copenhaver, 60, Bettendorf.

Gerardo Rodriguez Ortega, 47, and Dolores Aldaba Chacon, 41, Davenport.

Stevan J. Digman, 58, and Deborah L. Steward, 51, Davenport.

Paul A. Ramirez, 23, and Nichole M. Townsend, 21, Eldridge.

Hannah M. Rossmiller, 23, and Kyle W. Dalton, 29, Davenport.

Ryan S. Hearn, 31, and Kristina M. Bouxsein, 30, Davenport.

Beth A. Place-Russell, 36, and Lance S. Pridemore, 38, Bettendorf.

Amy E. Propheter, 30, and James P. Holt Jr., 36, Davenport.

Cameron G. Urness, 31, and Amanda L. Maurer, 30, Moline.

Jacqueline S. Harrison, 24, and Koty A. Baetke, 19, Davenport.

Allison N. Erichsen, 28, and James A. Huffman, 29, Davenport.

Brittany E. Holmes, 30, and Lawrence L. Harmon, 29, Bettendorf.

Jessica C. Bernauer, 21, and Bradley M. Klouda, 24, Davenport.

Ross E. Steiger, 22, Hillsdale, Ill., and Rachel H. VaderWall, 24, Rapids City, Ill.

Jonell M. Zarling-Marquez, 36, Davenport, and Billy E. Paul, 35, Bettendorf.

John R. Kinnan, 56, and Angel M. Howard, 64, Davenport.

Daniel R. Martin, 36, Davenport, and Christina M. Greenawalt, 37, Bettendorf.

Justin S. Yang, 33, and Rachel R. Stahl, 27, Peoria.

Dale A. Head, 64, and Leonard J. Cadavona, 63, Honolulu, Hawaii.

Tony L. Brown, 25, and Lauren R. Miller, 25, Eldridge.

Angela M. Ohrt, 29, and Christopher M. Snyder, 29, Davenport.

Christina A. Kelly, 28, and Taylor A. Shumaker, 28, Davenport.

Shawn E. Busch, 31, and Amy A. Plett, 29, Bettendorf.

Junaid M. Ahsan, 29, and Areeba Fatima, 27, Davenport.

Travis A. Hansen, 34, and Katherine J. Kinsinger, 35, Bettendorf.

Steven R. Anthony, 42, and Jennifer D. Lindley, 47, Davenport.

Amanda J. Brown, 29, and Clint A. Lambert, 33, Davenport.

Laura M. Fritz, 27, and Casey W. Bouska, 28, Durant, Iowa.



Dennis Aldeman, Rock Island, and Angela Aldeman, Moline, April 15.

Kelly J. Norman, East Moline, and Samuel J. Norman, Davenport, April 16.

Patricia Boynton, East Moline, and Rodney J. Boynton, East Moline, April 17.

Emma B. Stearns, Moline, and Tsung H. Chan, address not listed, April 17.

Chasity A. Rodriguez and Sirenio A. Rodriguez, addresses not listed, April 17.

Kristie L. Lundberg, Moline, and Jay R. Lundberg III, Milan, April 18.

Alan F. Drehman and Sonia R. Drehman, addresses not listed, April 18.

Heather Reed, East Moline, and John Reed, East Moline, April 19.

Andrea M. Johnson, address not listed, and Darrick L. Johnson, April 19.

Heather A. Krueger and Aaron R. Krueger, addresses not listed, April 19.

Ricardo Ceja, Moline, and Krisha Ceja, Moline, April 22.

Jerry E. Davis, Moline, and Vicky A. Davis, Moline, April 22.

Jennifer Warren, Silvis, and Kent Warren, Davenport, April 22.

Sarah E. Graves, and Austin E. Graves, addresses not listed, April 23.

Amber J. Waggoner, Cleveland, Ill., and Kyle L. Waggoner, Rock Island, April 24.

Angalita Ruhl, Moline, and Brian Ruhl Sr., Silvis, April 24.

Bobbie Cunningham, address not listed, and Wayne Cunningham, Moline, April 24.

William Cain, Milan, and Johnna Canarr-Cain, address not listed, April 24.

Nadine Hofstetter and Scott Hofstetter, addresses not listed, April 24.

Michael J. Harrod, Carbon Cliff, and Katherine M. Harrod, Whittier, Calif., April 24.

Amanda Arreguin, East Moline, and Rodolfo Arreguin, address not listed, April 25.

Fatoma Yahya, address not listed, Yagaub Yahya, Silvis, April 26.

April H. Cooper, Milan, and Jeffrey N. Cooper, Orion, Ill., April 26.

America L. Covemaker, Port Byron, and Max J. Covemaker, Moline, April 26.

Valerie Ernst, Hillsdale, Ill., and Jack Ernst, East Moline, April 26.

Kristi L. Diaz, Hampton, and Ricardo A. Diaz, Hampton, April 26.

Luis D. Rivera, Moline, and Kimberly R. Rivera, Moline, April 29.

Carey E. Coverdill and Candace M. Coverdill, addresses not listed, April 29.

Patrick Noya, Rock Island, and Violet C. Patrick, address not listed, April 29.

Silvia Lievanos, Moline, and Jose F. Mendoza, Moline, April 30.

Thomas M. Carlson and Sandra L. Carlson, addresses not listed, April 30.