QUAD-CITIES CHRISTIAN SCHOOL, Moline, has selected these outstanding seniors from its class of 16 students:



MATTLYN LOPEZ, daughter of Matt and Lynne Lopez of Davenport, plans to major in psychology at Cornerstone University, Grand Rapids, Mich.

Top achievements:

  • Eagle Award
  • High Honors
  • Scholar Athlete

“The world will change for good and bad. There will be technological advances that will make new discoveries/ inventions. The world will worsen in economic problems and violence, for the world has been increasing in violence and economic problems recently. So, the world will get better in some ways and worse in others.”


The Arts

JORDAN PRICE, son of Don and Tammy Price of Geneseo, plans to major in marketing or English education at Southwest Baptist University, Bolivar, Mo.

 “I expect to see great changes in the way students are educated in the next 10 years. As tablets and portable devices become more affordable, I expect classrooms to become paperless within the next decade. I believe that the change will be beneficial to both students and educators.”



GRACE COUNTRYMAN, daughter of Steven Countryman and Jenifer Countryman of Prophetstown, plans to major in graphic design or industrial design at Cedarville  (Ohio) University.

“The changes that I am looking forward to the most in the next 10 years are advances in technology. While I know that technology can be abused, I am excited to see how it can be used for good to fix important issues locally and globally.”



REBEKAH ANN SMITH, daughter of Clifton and Kristy Smith of Le Claire, plans to major in English arts/literature at Blue Mountain (Miss.) College.

Top achievements:

  • Winner of the ACSI Creative Writing Contest 2 years.
  • Three-year high school graduate
  • President's Award for Educational Achievement: Gold 2012

 “It's hard to imagine what life will be like 10 years from now. We'll be older, many will be married, some will be parents, few will be wiser.  Anything can happen; but my prayer is that we recognize our problems, grow from them, and make a better world.”



Young Journalist

JOHN RICHARD, son of Tom and Donna Richard of Davenport, plans to major in business administration/health care management at Blue Mountain (Miss.) College

Top achievements:

  • DAR Good Citizenship Award
  • Student Council, 4 years
  • Scholar Athlete, 4 years

“Culturally: Extremes in culture will develop. Tensions will slowly escalate until those yelling loudest discover the power of listening. Technologically: The world is becoming increasingly intertwined technologically, and the focus (with consumers) is in accessibility and entertainment. The Rubik’s Cube becomes the Rubitron X3500. Could this be a good thing?”