The Federal Bureau of Prisons has begun seeking job applicants for the Thomson (Ill.) Correctional Center, a small step forward in opening the long shuttered facility.

The agency confirmed that it has listed 15 positions at the web site. The posts include a budget and technology officer, IT specialist and correctional supervisors.

The pay for the positions have a wide range, with the budget analyst listing paying between $49,520 and $63,894 per year. A supervisory information technology specialist positions had a salary range of $82,642 to $107,434 per year.

The bureau is planning to spend $53.7 million this year in the first phase of activating the prison, with $10 million to go to renovations and the rest to equipment, staffing and other upgrades. The facility is in Carroll County, about 50 miles northeast of the Quad-Cities.

Bureau of Prisons spokesman Chris Burke confirmed the job postings in an email, but he said renovations have not begun.

Congress still hasn't signed off on the agency's 2014 spending plan.

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The opening of the prison is expected to take two years at a cost of $195 million.

Previous estimates have said about 900 people would be employed at the prison, which would hold 1,600 inmates. Congressional advocates for the project have said that more than 1,100 new jobs would result from the new prison.

Vicki Trager, the village president in Thomson, said on Thursday she has been told the positions are managerial in nature. But, she added, the job postings are a good sign.