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TV host Regis Philbin says he hasn't kept in touch with his former co-host Kelly Ripa since he decided to leave the show they headlined together.


Fox News' Megyn Kelly, host of "The Kelly File" could be seeking $20 million a year or more when her contract expires this year.

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If Kateri DeMartino tires of playing fictional characters, acting out her life story would be just as interesting.

  • Kay Luna

At the end of the school day, the only “student” left behind in Wendy Martin’s classroom Tuesday was a skeleton wearing a Catholic rosary necklace.

But several students were hanging around in the hallways, all praising 42-year-old Martin, who found out that morning she is one of five national finalists in the “Top Teacher Search” contest on ABC’s “LIVE! with Kelly” morning talk show.

She learned about her ranking by watching Kelly Ripa’s show during class Tuesday, anticipating the announcement.

“We all started screaming and jumping up and down,” Martin said, adding that social media helped encourage people to vote for her online.

“This is the most amazing thing, especially knowing that a student nominated me,” she said.

“You can hear you’re doing a good job from an administrator or a co-worker, but when it comes from a student, that’s the best thing possible. It’s an incredible honor.”