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Imagine you’re traveling around the world with your spouse. Or your best friend, or sibling, or betrothed, or maybe even your mom or dad.

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The Greater Quad-Cities Hispanic Chamber's eDIME workshop on March 28 will focus on the need for certification among small businesses.

Studies have found that children who struggle with reading in the first grade are apt to decide they don't like or want to read. That can lead…

  • Jim Rudisill
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The annual clean-up day in Columbus Junction will be Apr. 21, the city council agreed Wednesday.

Quad-City residents love a lot of things: Our rivers, parades, Friday night football, driving on a congestion-free Interstate 74 bridge, and d…

The Royal Neighbors Foundation has launched a scholarship program designed to inspire and motivate women who are pursuing a career in the insu…

A bunch of bands got together Saturday, March 11, for a nine-hour show at the River Music Experience, Davenport, to raise money for elementary…

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The plan would eliminate two programs worth $3.6 billion that provide money for teacher preparation and after-school programs.

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A 16 percent or $1.5 billion cut. The plan would eliminate more than $250 million in National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration grants, including a program that helps coastal communities adapt to climate change, deal with invasive species and maintain healthy water and fisheries.

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A more than 20 percent cut, or $2.5 billion. To be eliminated: a $434 million program that has helped more than 1 million people 55 and older find jobs, according to the department. The blueprint says the Senior Community Service Employment Program is inefficient and unproven.