Almost daily, I drive past a community golf course. When it comes to the “April Showers” time of year, I spy windbreaker-clad golfers trying to get in their first few rounds of golf and think to myself, “They must be crazy.” This very same thought probably goes through their minds every time they see neighbors tilling up gardens, spreading mulch and trimming landscape shrubs on blustery days.

I’ve never held a driver, or a nine- Iron, or played one hole of golf, but I do have something in common with the golfers out on the links; we all appreciate the look and feel of lush, manicured, green grass.

Fortunately, growing a nice lawn is much easier than maintaining tee boxes and putting greens, although, it may require giving up one Saturday on the back nine to bring your lawn up to par. Five simple steps and you can head back out on the course.

1) Fertilize - Your lawn has been hibernating in dormant stage all winter and will wake up hungry. An application of slow release fertilizer will have it golf course-green by tax day. I recommend a fertilizer combined with crabgrass preventer to stop weed seeds from germinating.

2) Sow some seed - Cool, sunny days and frequent rain make Spring an ideal time to put down grass seed. Use quality seed blends, add a starter fertilizer, keep moist and new grass will sprout in just two weeks.

3) Wake the sleeping beast - Whether walk-behind or riding, your mower has grown a little lazy with all those months off. Time to tune it up with an oil change and blade sharpening. Sharp lawn mower blades mulch clippings better and help prevent diseases.

4) Critter Control - Moles, gophers and voles! “Oh My!” These critters may be cute in storybooks, but their winding tunnels and soil mounds can make any homeowner want to tee off with their furry little faces. It’s easy to banish them from your lawn with an all-natural repellent made with castor oil. One application of Mole Max and they will be heading for the hills.

5) Bag your bagger - Save time by leaving your clippings on the lawn. Returning clippings to the lawn can provide thirty percent of the nitrogen that grass plants need. Bagged lawns require an additional two applications of fertilizer. Use a mulching mower, keep blades sharp and mow frequently.

The nice days will soon outnumber the cool, rainy ones and routine mowing will take the place of the never-ending snow shoveling. Follow the tips from this lawn pro, leave a little time to work on your swing and we can all meet up later at the 19th hole

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