Devan Douglas has taken the next step toward possibly going off to see the world in a few months as a member of the Harlem Globetrotters.

The Davenport resident and former Clinton High School star said he just received word within the past week that he has been invited to the team's fall training camp.

“I got the text telling me the interview went well and my workout was good and they would love for me to be a part of this year’s team and for many more years to come,’’ Douglas said.

A Globetrotters official said that just because Douglas has been invited to camp doesn't mean he has made the roster. The members of the three teams that will go on tour shortly before the end of the year probably will not be announced until around Dec. 10.

Douglas said he has had frequent contact with the Globetrotters since a July 28 tryout in New Jersey. He currently is back in the Quad-Cities, working out and visiting with his brothers, two of whom attend Davenport Central High School.0.

He is scheduled to go to camp with the Trotters in November at a yet-to-be-determined site. Douglas thinks it will be in Philadelphia or Atlanta.

The Globetrotters have a two-month break in their touring schedule late in the fall. They don’t have anything scheduled between an Oct. 28 game in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and Dec. 26, when they kick off a series of tours with games in Pittsburgh, Houston and Madison, Wisconsin.

The Trotters first became interested in Douglas at the slam dunk contest at the NCAA Final Four last spring. After completing his senior season at the University of Mary in North Dakota, he won the contest in spectacular fashion. The Trotters then selected Douglas in their annual draft in June.