After-thoughts from Iowa’s 93-90 double-overtime loss to Nebraska:

--If nothing else, you have to love the grit and determination the Hawkeyes showed against a more experienced team in a hostile environment. They made tons of mistakes, didn’t execute their offense well in the second overtime and didn’t defend well in either overtime, but they battled. There was no shortage of effort or toughness.

--Iowa had a good chance to win the game in regulation and a great chance to win in the second overtime when it had an 83-79 lead with the ball and a minute to go. That’s where the offensive execution began to disintegrate. Peter Jok missed a short jumper and Cordell Pemsl threw the ball away along the baseline, and Nebraska took advantage both times to tie the game.

--Jok had the second highest point total of his career (34) but it looked like he simply ran out of gas. He scored 18 of the Hawkeyes’ last 20 points in regulation, but then almost gave the game away with a turnover in the final seconds of regulation. The Hawkeyes started going away from him after that and you have to think it’s because he was just exhausted.

--Isaiah Moss was tremendous early in the game, providing a glimpse of what sort of electrifying offensive player he can become. He scored 13 points in the first 11 ½ minutes and had 15 at halftime, then didn’t score again until the early stages of the second overtime. It’s not like he missed a bunch of shots in between. He just stopped being aggressive.

--It seems as though every color commentator who does Iowa games falls in love with Nicholas Baer and Stephen Bardo was no exception Thursday. And he had good reason. Baer grabbed 11 rebounds, blocked six shots — the most by any Iowa player this season — and had two amazing hustle plays. In the second half, he blocked a shot at one end to create a transition opportunity, then sprinted to the other end to tip in a missed shot. When it looked like Nebraska’s Evan Taylor was going in for a breakaway layup to win the game in regulation, Baer raced the length of the floor to foul Taylor. Taylor missed both free throws and the game went to overtime.

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--Jordan Bohannon hit a huge 3-pointer to give Iowa that 83-79 lead in the first overtime, but the young point guard looked a bit shaky in the second OT. Fatigue may have played a factor there, too, since he played 40 minutes. When the Hawkeyes trailed 93-90 and had one last chance to tie it in the final seconds, Bohannon passed up a fairly open three and passed it to Brady Ellingson for a highly contested shot.

--Here’s a statistic that is likely to irk Fran McCaffery: Iowa had only 11 assists on 34 made baskets. The Hawkeyes also had a season-high 19 turnovers, five of them coming in overtime.

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