After-thoughts from Iowa’s 84-73 victory over North Dakota:

--Because of some highly contentious moments in the final seconds of the game, Fran McCaffery would not let his team go through the postgame handshake line. When North Dakota’s Corey Baldwin ripped the ball away from Nicholas Baer as time ran out, it was the final straw. He just waved his hand for his players to follow him to the locker room. It wasn't great sportsmanship, but it’s also not the worst idea Fran has had. Tempers were running high at that point. Why risk having it escalate into something bigger?

--The postgame handshake line is sort of stupid anyway. How many other NCAA sports have something like that? Not many. Maybe it’s time to do away with it.

--It’s not a complete surprise that there was some chippy play in a game involving North Dakota. It’s the way the Fighting Hawks play. It’s their style. They live up to their nickname. They’re scrappy as heck. There were some contentious moments in their game with Northern Iowa last week and in their previous game against North Dakota State, there were nine technical fouls and three ejections. What’s a stronger word than scrappy?

--Jordan Bohannon continues to grow as Iowa’s point guard. While a few of Iowa’s more veteran players didn’t necessarily react well to North Dakota’s in-your-face approach, Bohannon seemed to prosper. He had 18 points and made 5 of 9 shots from the field. He did draw a technical foul in the final minute when he pushed away the Fighting Hawks' Quinton Hooker after Hooker had been grabbing him around the waist waiting for an inbounds play to start. North Dakota coach Brian Jones said Bohannon has “swagger’’ although that’s not what he appeared to shout at him at the end of the game.

--A point of concern for Iowa down the road is Cordell Pemsl’s free throw shooting. The freshman was 1 for 8 at the foul line Tuesday and is now 25 for 51 for the season. Pemsl said he feels like every one is going in when he releases the ball. At this point, he’s the only one who feels that way.

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--Another very nice, very productive game for Nicholas Baer: Eight points, six rebounds, three blocked shots, two steals, 10 or 12 floor burns.

--This also was one of Brady Ellingson’s better games. He played 18 minutes off the bench and scored 10 points, but that doesn’t really fully reveal how well he performed. McCaffery said the sophomore has taken his defense to a higher level this season.

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