College football teams put out a new depth chart every week during the season to show how the players stack up at their various positions.

Basketball teams don’t do it, simply because there are so many interchangeable parts. Many players are not typecast at just one position.

It would be especially difficult to do with this year’s Iowa basketball team because there are several players – Zach McCabe, Roy Devyn Marble, Jared Uthoff – who could find themselves playing at least three different spots on the floor during the course of the season.

Nevertheless, here is our guess at how the Iowa basketball depth chart would look as the Hawkeyes prepare for the coming season:

1 (point guard): Roy Devyn Marble, Anthony Clemmons, Mike Gesell, Ryan Denning

2 (shooting guard): Gesell, Josh Oglesby, Peter Jok, Marble, Zach McCabe, Denning, Jared Uthoff

3 (small forward): Aaron White, McCabe, Uthoff, Jok, Marble, Okey Ukah

4 (power forward): Melsahn Basabe, White, McCabe, Uthoff, Gabe Olaseni, Kyle Meyer, Darius Stokes

5 (center): Adam Woodbury, Olaseni, Basabe, Meyer, Stokes

There's always the possibility that freshman Peter Jok could develop enough to break into the starting lineup or that McCabe, Uthoff, Clemmons, Olaseni or Oglesby could step in as a starter somewhere. The Hawkeyes had nine different players start games last season.

They are so deep and versatile that the depth chart (if there was one) could change almost daily as the season progresses. Head coach Fran McCaffery admitted he’s still trying to sort it all out.

“What I've done is I’ve rotated different lineups pretty much since the beginning of August, all through the foreign trip and then from the first day of practice,’’ McCaffery said. “And I'm trying to figure out who can play together, who makes sense together, and I guess at this point what I've concluded is we have a lot of good players, and they're all going to play. As long as you have unselfish people that are committed to winning, you can pretty much play any of them at any time with each other, provided you have enough rebounding and provided you have a point guard on the floor.

“But we have multiple options at point guard, we have multiple options at center, we have multiple options on the wing, so that’s obviously very exciting, so I'll be subbing freely with great confidence.’’