What we learned from Iowa’s 85-82 loss to Iowa State on Friday:

-- The Hawkeyes are going to beat some ranked opponents this season. They didn’t get it done Friday, but they handled the ultra raucous Hilton Coliseum environment extremely well. They attacked Iowa State from the very beginning and answered every Cyclone run until the final minute. If usually reliable Zach McCabe doesn't go 0-for-7 from the field or if the Hawks make a few late free throws, they're 11-1 and the the talk of the Big Ten.

-- Aaron White and Mike Gesell both seem to rise to the occasion in big games. Both of them have had moments this season when they weren’t very assertive but they made huge plays time after time Friday. White finished with 25 points and 17 rebounds. Gesell only had 11 points but most of them seemed to come at crucial moments. He did miss two important free throws with 13 seconds remaining, however.

-- Iowa is evolving into one of the better rebounding teams in the country. Iowa State was ranked in the top 20 in the country in rebound margin and the Hawkeyes had a 49-35 advantage on the boards.

-- Adam Woodbury is making progress. He played 25 minutes, collected 11 rebounds and once picked the pocket of Iowa State’s Georges Niang right under the basket. But the 6-foot-7 Niang still scored 24 points, getting a lot of them by backing Woodbury down into the lane and shooting over him.

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I agree with both of the previous posters. Iowa choked in the final minute and missed shots and free throws. Both Gesell and Marble couldn't step-up and get the job done! I see the Hawks loosing some close games in the BIG, and may struggle against strong/physical teams similar to Villanova.


A history of cracking at the end of crucial games? He's a sophomore, 1/3 or the way through his 2nd season. He hasn't developed a 'history' of anything. I assume you have a 'history' of being a moron...


I don't understand the praise for Gesell. He has a history of cracking at the end of critical games. He is a good basketball player but is not and never will be an elite Big Ten point guard. Iowa will do well this year but will hover at a #20-25 ranking and won't go far in the tournament.

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