What we learned from Iowa’s 78-65 loss to Tennessee on Wednesday in the first round of the NCAA tournament:

-- Adam Woodbury and Peter Jok really might have a very bright future for the Hawkeyes. Despite ranking ninth and 10th on the team in scoring entering the game, they became Iowa’s go-to guys in the second half. Woodbury scored a career-high 16 points against first-team All-SEC center Jarnell Stokes and Jok added 10, hitting some big shots in the second half when Tennessee was making runs at the Hawkeyes.

-- Maybe turnovers aren’t such a crucial statistic after all. Some of us tend to think they’re a big factor in the outcome of games, but consider this: Iowa had six turnovers in the first half and led by three points at halftime. It did not turn the ball over again in the final 25 minutes and lost by 13.

-- Devyn Marble is human. After carrying the Hawkeyes in several games this season, he just couldn’t get his shot to fall for most of Wednesday’s game. He matched his season low with seven points, making just 3 of 15 shots from the field.

-- Tennessee might have been the most physical team Iowa played all season. With two 260-pound bookends down low and a coach who grew up in the Purdue rough-house style of play, they pounded the Hawkeyes under the basket all night. Somehow, Iowa was called for twice as many fouls in the game, however, 28 to 14.

-- The Iowa basketball program has great kids. So many things went wrong for them in the final weeks and on Wednesday they weren’t rewarded for what was a supreme effort. But I never heard an excuse all season, never had a player duck an interview or brush off a question. They handled some really tough situations with dignity and class.

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Hey Jared
Are you glad you transferred now
At least you made the tourney
Well, does losing a play in game really count?


It's really simple folks! THE PLAYERS QUIT on him,..They need to get some tough road dawgs...Maybe Go After thoise 6'8 260 space eaters like A Reggie Evans and Eddie Horton Type!!! Next Year doesnt seem all that bright. They got that JUCO POINT GUARD WHO is trying to help McCaffery get this player is now being pursued by Bruce Pearl and Auburn! So here we go...


Iowa basketball in a word: DEBACLE. This doesn't happen by accident. Questions need answers. The coaching staff must be held accountable. I predicted a team losing 6 out of its last 7 wouldn't make it to the second round because they really didn't deserve to be in the tournament.


Don, Woodbury has one good game against an average Tennessee team and now his career might take off. He was a non factor in most of the season. The BIG coaches aren't going to let him catch the ball 3 feet from the basket and turn over his right shoulder every time and score. Martin didn't make one adjustment on him last night. He is far away from making an impact. How can Fran call Iowa one of the most storied programs in all of college basketball like he did in the post game interview? Mediocre is a much better word. It's Iowa basketball.


Betttaxpayer, I feel your pain, however I do feel that as good as a player as Marble is we will be better off with out him next year, did you notice how when Marble has the ball everyone stands around "like a deer in headlights" watching him do his thing? Our seniors (Marble, McCabe,Basabe) with the exception of Marble had very average seasons so I dont really feel like we are losing anyone that cant be replaced. I am just as frustrated as you but we need your support for our program to take the next step, dont give up on them!!!!


What we learned is that our players need to hit the weight room this summer, we got pushed around by a very physical Volunteer team. I really thought that the Hawks would win the game for Patrick McCaffery, I figured they would ride the wave of emotion and get the win but they just didnt want it enough. We did take a big step this year by making the tournament but the Hawks have only won 1 game since Feb. 13th so that is a major disapppointment any way you look at it. Fran is the right guy for the job and I think we will be a better team next year......Go Hawks!


What are you basing your "we will be a better team next year" comment on? this team lost 7 of its last 8 games, makes stupid fouls at the most inopportune time and usually has the "deer in the headlights" look in their eyes when the game is on the line. This team also got "pushed around" by very unphysical teams like Illinois and Northwestern before the latest debacle last night.


Somebody with the team, preferrably the coach, should give some explaination to the fans as to what happened to the team.


Good comment. Up by 12 in this game and then lose by 13! Lose 7 out of the last 8. Pathetic. Something is wrong big time with the chemistry of this team.

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