What we learned from Iowa’s 75-71 loss to Wisconsin on Sunday night:

-- Fran McCaffery’s math skills could use some work. He said following the loss that he didn’t think his ejection in the second half cost his team. But seeing as how Wisconsin scored four points at the free throw line as a result of his tirade and the Hawkeyes lost the game by four, that’s a little hard to argue. Presumably, too, it hurts a team to not have its coach on the bench for the last 12 minutes of the game. 

-- Perhaps McCaffery should consider starting Gabe Olaseni ahead of Adam Woodbury. This isn’t a new idea. It’s occurred to many of us in the past and after Olaseni clearly outplayed Woodbury again Sunday night, it really looks like a good idea.

-- All of those people (including McCaffery) who have insisted that Wisconsin’s Sam Dekker is one of the premier players in the country may be just a bit premature. He still has a ways to go. Dekker was just 2 for 12 from the field and contributed eight points and six rebounds in the Wisconsin victory.

-- While Iowa players continue to insist that they’re good free throw shooters, they continue to show otherwise in close games. A 68-percent effort (17 for 25) on Sunday also hurt their chances of winning the game.

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watching the badgers play the tonight I notice that they CAN make free throws if the Hawks could make their free throws they could be undefeated


Your comment about Sam Dekker is made after watching one game or have you actually seen him in a number of games? I'm seeing a lot of people predicting that he'd be a first round NBA pick next year if he decides to leave after his sophomore year.

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