So you don't think Todd Lickliter was a good coach, based on returns two years out of the Lick era?

His new boss respectfully - and forcefully - disagrees.

A story in Tuesday's Dayton Daily News focusing on Miami (Ohio)'s second-year assistant revealed how Lickliter has contributed to the RedHawks' success, following stints as Butler and Iowa head coach.

The reporter pointed out that in Lickliter's office at Miami, there is an Iowa wall sticker and a photo of his son, John, in a Hawkeyes uniform. Lickliter was diplomatic yet poignant when asked about his 2007-10 experience.

"I've said almost nothing on the Iowa situation because I don't want it to sound like excuses," Lickliter told the Daily News.

But, he added, "it was gonna work. It just wasn't going to work in three years and not without some bumps in the road. But we had a really good class coming in and I believed we had finally gotten it turned."

Miami head coach Charlie Coles, who along with many other MAC coaches was outrecruited by Fran McCaffery for Hawkeyes forward Aaron White, was more defensive.

"To Todd's credit, Iowa pulls the plug on everybody they get. They don't understand - it's Iowa," Coles told the Daily News.

"Their facilities aren't that great. It's not the best of programs. Why they wouldn't keep a guy like him, I don't get it. They were going to be pretty good with the players he was bringing in. He's just a wonderful, wonderful teacher. There's something special about him. It's too bad Iowa couldn't see it."


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