IOWA CITY — Big Ten commissioner Jim Delany received an engraved wooden chair from Iowa in recognition of his 25 years of work, but Delany doesn't plan to use it as a retirement gift.

After talking with the Iowa football team this morning as part of an anniversary tour of all 12 campuses, Delany talked about the future.

He said he is open to Big Ten football games being played on Saturday nights in November if television wants the product and institutions are willing participants.

Delany also likes the idea of a conference game being played on the Friday after Thanksgiving, although he was non-committal as to whether the current Iowa-Nebraska match up is the best game for that day.

"Given that we generally play on Saturdays, I like that particular Friday," Delany said. "I think it is a good window for us."

Delany did say that he doesn't like the notion of league games being played on Thursdays or Fridays and he is concerned about the potential for over saturation as the number of postseason bowl games grows to 38 beginning in 2014.

Delany has been a proponent of limiting bowl access to teams with 7-5 records or better. The commissioner talked to the Hawkeyes briefly during a morning workout, encouraging them to make smart choices and wishing the team well during his brief remarks.

The Iowa City stop was the first of three today for Delany, who is also visiting Minnesota and Nebraska today.

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7-5 is going to be tough for Iowa. Better schedule southwest eastern tech Iowa.


I hope Nebraska and Iowa play on Black Friday for many years to come. As soon as the Hawkeyes win one against Nebraska, that rivalry will really take off. Of course, TV wants the game to be a defacto B1G west championship game. Hopefully we can oblige them.

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