The triumphant return of Kid Dynamite to his hometown has blown up. Former world middleweight contender Antwun Echols will not be part of “The Civil War” boxing show Saturday night at Danceland Ballroom in Davenport as a result of a monetary dispute with the promoters, Armer Boxing and Calkins Sports Productions.

Echols backed out of his scheduled battle with unbeaten George Carter Jr. of Galesburg, Ill., when the promoters refused to give him more money to be part of the 11-fight event.

“It was all about not making enough money in a contract he signed over a month ago,” promoter Phil Armer said.

“It wasn’t just a little more money either. It was thousands of dollars. … He wanted another $2,500 plus his ticket-sales percentage, too, and that was in the thousands.”

Echols alleged in a phone interview Wednesday that the contract he signed a month ago called for him to make $1,200 plus a slice of the ticket sales, but the promoters recently tried to get him to take $600. On his Facebook page, Echols said he also wanted them to pay for his living expenses while he was in the Quad-Cities. He also mentioned the $2,500 price tag.

He said allegations on other Facebook pages that he was afraid of Carter were nonsense.

“When did I ever back down from any fight?” he asked. “This is a mediocre guy, to me. I don’t back down from anybody.”

He said he has spoken to Carter in person and “we agreed to fight at a later date.”

Armer questioned whether that will be possible.

“Because he is breaking a signed contract, he will be suspended by the commission and he won’t be able to fight anywhere else until the contract issue is resolved,” Armer said.

Echols will be replaced on Saturday by Sean Rawley Wilson (5-12-1) of La Vista, Neb.

“He’s not near as big a name, of course, but he’ll probably put on a much better show than Antwun would have,” Armer said. “The show must go on.”

The Echols-Carter bout was to be the co-main event of the show. Armer said the main event now will match Gilbert Venegas of East Moline against Lance Williams of Muscatine in a six-round welterweight fight.

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Devin H
Devin H

Maybe Lonnie Horn can fill in for Echols. :)

Black Beast

Alright pot shotters I am here to clear the doesn't matter how many fights I lost I am the man to support my children and family in whatever way I can. But I will shut all the haters down this weekend. Thanks Mel and Family man for being positive and Phil is not the Promoter Calkins is the man. Phil is just blowing steam. I am a beast and for you hater's it will be seen this weekend that I still carry the same wrath.

Family man

Looks like they were really trying to lowball him. Those were relatively small numbers. Cheapskates could have paid his living expenses to travel here too, how much could that have possibly been.


Wait a second! I like Antwun, but he's lost 13 of his last 16 fights and most were by stoppage or ko. Who does he think he is commanding the money he wants. what an idiot. Should've taken the money if people still are willing to pay to see him fight. What a block head.


The value of something is what someone is willing to pay. If he felt he deserved more money then who are we to judge? If someone wants him to fight then they will then have to pay him his value. Contracts are broken all the time. I respect a man who stands firm in his belief.

Arc Angel

It's ur hometown DUDE ! $ aint everthing$$$.


keep your head up bro, you still the champ!!!!! #Dj Mixxin Mel

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