Some walleyes and saugers have been caught around the wing dams on jigs and minnows and also on crank baits, reported R&R Sports in Clinton. The river catfish are still biting on night crawlers, stink baits and shad.

The white bass action seems to have started from the Hampton dam all the way downstream to the I-74 bridge, mostly on minnows and twister tails, Booze and Bait Mini Mart in East Moline reported. The river catfish are biting on stink baits, dew worms and cut shad or shad gut.

The farm ponds have been good for crappies on small minnows, reported Carbon Cliff (Ill.) Bait and Tackle Shop. The river catfish seem to be biting on most everything right now. The Green River has produced some good smallmouth bass fishing.

The catfish are hitting night crawlers, stink baits and shad along Harbor Road on Credit Island and along the levee, Credit Island Bait Shop in Davenport reported. West Lake has been good for both crappies and bluegills.

The catfish are really biting right now on stink baits, dew worms, shrimp, whole shad and shad gut in all of the local rivers, reported Croegaert’s Great Outdoors in Rock Island. The walleyes and saugers are starting to bite around the wing dams. The Hennepin Canal in the Milan area has been good for crappies on minnows and bluegills on red worms and wax worms. Some smallmouth bass have been caught on inline spinners and twister tails at the Steel Dam.

The bluegills are biting on crickets at Sunset Marina, EZ Livin’ Sports Center in Milan reported. The catfish still are hitting stink baits and the smallmouth bass are chasing spoons and spinners in the Hennepin Canal.

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The catfish are taking stink baits and night crawlers in the rocky areas, reported Gander Mountain in Davenport. The wing dams have been good for walleyes on jigs and minnows.

The river catfish are still biting on night crawlers, shad, shrimp, stink baits and chicken livers, K & K True Value Hardware in Bettendorf reported.

Lake George has been good for crappies on jigs and minnows, reported Lake George Concession and Boat Rental. The catfish seem to prefer night crawlers.

The catfish are biting at West Lake and in the local rivers on stink baits, night crawlers and cut shad, Nick’s Rod and Reel in Davenport reported.

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