IOWA CITY - Never let it be said that venerable Iowa defensive coordinator Norm Parker isn't willing to sacrifice for the good of the team.

Parker showed up at the Hawkeyes' media day on Friday with one foot in a walking boot, the result of recent surgery to remove an infected toe on his right foot.

"I lost a toe when I was on vacation," Parker said. "I had a blister on my foot. One day it rained bad and water filled my fishing boat. I went out to bail the water out, the blister got infected and all of a sudden it was bye, bye toe."

It wasn't the first time.

Parker, who is diabetic, had a toe on his other foot removed a couple of years ago because of a similar infection.

"The other coaches keep reminding me the year that happened (2004) and they cut off the other toe, we won a Big Ten championship," Parker said. "If that's the case again, I guess I can live with it."

However, Parker said there is a limit to his willingness to take one for the team.

"I've got eight left and I'm not giving up another one," Parker said.

New look for Ricky

Incumbent quarterback Ricky Stanzi showed up for media day with a new addition: A beard.

"I just don't have a razor," Stanzi told reporters. "Really, this is just my camp image, I guess."

Vandervelde, Geary not ready

Iowa coach Kirk Ferentz said he doesn't expect two Quad-City area players to be ready to play in the season opener against Northern Iowa on Sept. 5.

Offensive lineman Julian Vandervelde of Davenport had surgery to repair a tendon in his arm during the summer and defensive lineman Chad Geary of Tipton underwent knee surgery. Both are still rehabilitating those injuries.

Ferentz said Vandervelde, a returning starter at left guard, could be ready "with some luck" but more likely would miss the first game or two.

Recruit doesn't make it

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Ferentz also said that one of the team's incoming recruits, wide receiver Stephane N'Goumou of Rockville, Md., did not make it academically and will attend either junior college or prep school.

Spievey makes Thorpe list

Junior cornerback Amari Spievey became the fourth Iowa player to show up on a preseason watch list for a national award. He is one of 31 players on the list for the Jim Thorpe Award, which goes to the nation's top defensive back.

Tight end Tony Moeaki, linebacker Pat Angerer and punter Ryan Donahue also have made preseason lists.

Murphy is 'limited'

Jayme Murphy, a backup running back and special teams player from Dubuque, has been plagued by injuries and will play in a "limited capacity," according to Ferentz.

They get to block a lot

When one reporter pointed out that Iowa's fullbacks did not carry the ball from scrimmage last season and had only five pass receptions, Ferentz joked that one of the team's goals for this season was to get them the ball six times.

"I think our last six fullbacks have all been converted linebackers, if that tells you anything," he said.