IOWA CITY — Fans attending games at Iowa’s Kinnick Stadium this fall will have a chance to view replays of controversial plays on the stadium’s new high-definition video boards.

In a change of policy, contested plays will be shown to the crowd as they are being reviewed by officials.

“The guy sitting in Row 40 should be able to have the same experience as somebody sitting at home watching the game on their couch,’’ said Rick Klatt, Iowa associate athletic director for external affairs. “That means they should be able to watch a replay.’’

Klatt said an average of 100 replays have been shown during each game on the previous video boards at the stadium, but because of strict interpretation of Big Ten guidelines, Iowa provided no replays of potentially controversial plays.

The issue topped responses from season-ticket holders who took part in a survey that asked questions about what fans wanted from nearly $9 million in new video and sound technology that is being installed at the 70,585-seat stadium.

“We’re listening to our fans and trying to make the experience of attending a game at Kinnick Stadium even better,’’ director of athletics Gary Barta said. “The high-tech experience will be elevated and with the Wall of Honor, a very low-tech project, we acknowledge our past in a different way.’’

Beyond a desire to see more replays, Klatt said areas that were mentioned repeatedly by fans are being addressed.

Because of requests, a constant rotation of scores of other games will appear there and the video portion of the south end zone video board will grow from 814 square feet to 1,296 square feet during the majority of the game. The board will continue to include the game clock, down and distance and other pertinent information as well as advertising space.

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The video portion of that board will grow to 1,984 square feet or 3,968 square feet during pregame and at other times when the ball is not in play.

Two new 817-square foot video walls, replacing one 448-square foot wall in place a year ago, sit on top of an 8-foot-high ribbon board that extends the width of the north end zone at the top of the stadium.

The last area of concern noted by fans was the stadium’s sound system. While the majority of the work will be done prior to the 2014 season, that project begins this fall.