IOWA CITY -- The only noise Kirk Ferentz concerns himself with is the racket he hopes his Iowa football team makes on the field Saturday at Indiana.

"One of the benefits of spending six years in the NFL is that you learn not to worry too much about the things you don't have any control over," Ferentz said today, talking about ignoring outside complaints as he tries to move the Hawkeyes beyond a two-game losing streak.

During his weekly news conference, Ferentz said his team's mindset remains good despite the setbacks which have evened Iowa's record at 4-4.

Ferentz said younger teams to be a little more resilient than older teams, bouncing back quicker from tough losses.

"We'll know more once we get back out on the field today," he said.

Iowa will be working without running back Mark Weisman this week, the result of a leg injury suffered late in the first half of last week's game.

The Iowa coach said that Damon Bullock came out of Saturday's game.

"He was a little sore. It was the first time he had been hit in a while, but he was smiling when he was telling me about it," Ferentz said. "I think he's good to go."

Ferentz said Weisman is undergoing treatments and his status moving forward should be determined in the next few days.

Fullback Brad Rogers, who sat out last week's game, remains "touch and go" for this week according to Ferentz.

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I'm surprised Ferentz has made it this long. Is anyone else tired of the mediocrity and the constant string of law enforcement run-ins that his players have? I am...


Vandenberg is no D-1 quarterback, and the fact that Ferentz is still playing him brings his leadership into question. This is officially a rebuilding year. It's time to see what one of the backups has to offer, because obviously Vandenberg has no discernible leadership qualities or skills to be a Big Ten quaterback. The stats speak for themselves and if Ferentz is too blind to even try someone else, then maybe it's time for him to go as well. Chuck Long deserves a job, especially at a school where he KNOWS what it means to be a Hawkeye. Maybe it's time for a change.

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