Steve Batterson grades Iowa’s performance in its 13-7 loss to Nebraska:


Aside from a game-opening scoring drive, Iowa turned in another lackluster offensive performance. The Hawkeyes finished with a season-low 200 yards of offense and were held to their worst passing performance in four seasons, totaling 72 yards through the air in a game where winds severely impacted the passing game for both teams. Two second-half interceptions by James Vandenberg didn’t help and Iowa’s 5-of-15 effort on third down continued season-long struggles there, highlighting this team’s inability to make critical plays at critical moments. The Hawkeyes failed to capitalize on two turnovers, wasting opportunities against an opponent that was ripe for the picking.


It went for naught, but the Hawkeyes defense turned in one of its better performances of the season against the Cornhuskers. Iowa held the Big Ten’s second-most potent offense to a season-low 13 points and limited Nebraska to 200 rushing yards, 56.9 below its league-best season average. The Cornhuskers settled for field goals on their initial drives of each half and followed a short punt with a 43-yard drive for their go-ahead score in the third quarter. Louis-Trinca Pasat recovered a Taylor Martinez fumble in the second quarter


It was a hot-and-cold day for Iowa on special teams. The good? Micah Hyde recovered a fumbled punt in the second quarter and freshman Connor Kornbrath left the Cornhuskers on their own 1-yard line with a 61-yard punt early in the fourth quarter. The bad? A 31-yard punt by Kornbrath positioned Nebraska on the Iowa 43-yard line and four plays away from a game-deciding touchdown in the third quarter. Otherwise, the Hawkeyes returned just one punt – Hyde ran one back 29 yards – and unlike its opposition, Iowa did not have a turnover after fielding six Cornhusker punts.


Iowa’s inability to gain a needed yard in two tries after facing a 3rd-and-1 situation on the Nebraska 39-yard continued to add to the collection of befuddling play calls the Hawkeyes have had this season. That situation, following the first of Nebraska’s two second-quarter fumbles, was followed by a 1-yard gain on a 3rd-and-9 pass which led to a 3-and-out deep in Iowa territory in the third quarter. Confusion led to Iowa’s lone penalty of the game – an extra player was on the field following a timeout – and the five-yard walk off preceded a missed field goal in the second quarter.

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When you hold Nebraska to only 13 got to win the game!!! I agree with the majority of Iowa's time for a new Football Coach at Iowa. Our program is going backwards. The losses to Central Michigan, Indiana & Purdue prove my point. FYI....our best win was against Northern Illinois(11-1) way back in early September. I'm looking forward to the Iowa BB team making the NCAA tournament this year.


As a Hawkeye fan I appreciate what Ferentz and his staff have done at Iowa. Most colleges in the country would love to have a program as good as what we have. My biggest criticism is the unwillingness to put someone else in at quarterback. As one of the most important positions on offense, Vandenberg had not demonstrated enough leadership or skill in the last 2 years at quarterback. I am aware that I was not at the practices all year to see whether any of the back up's were capable of doing better or not. Ferentz could have helped quench the flames if he would have tried making a change at QB. If it didn't help then maybe the fans would be more understanding since he at least gave it a shot. With that said I agree that pulling someones redshirt just to see if they can do any better is not a good idea but there were other QB's on the bench that could have played. O.K....i'm done venting! Hopefully the Hawkeyes can bounce back and be serious contenders next year. Go Hawks!


Defense finally showed up and offense showed no balls in a game with nothing to loose. The new OC experiment was a failure. Davis needs to be fired. Barta and Ferentz are free to join him.

Hawkeye Jim

Coaches were definitely a big F.........Barta should grow a pair and make the needed changes to the coaching staff.


Game management by coaches F A continued weakness of the Ferentz regime.

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