Moline junior quarterback Eric Maffie is starting to settle into his role as the Maroons' signal caller. With the Maroons trailing United Township 7-0 last Friday night and facing a long fourth-and-goal, Maffie found Alijah Cortez in the end zone for six.

Maffie went on to throw two more touchdowns in a 40-7 win as the Maroons won their second straight game to improve to 2-2 on the season. The three scores also give Maffie nine on the year, with seven through the air, and two on the ground.

You guys have a lot of momentum after back to back wins, what’s that feeling been like?

"The fans have been really into it too. We started the season slow, and the team chemistry wasn’t that great, but right now were high rolling and we’re all very confident. We think we could win any game we play."

How big of a win was last week over UT to start out the conference season 1-0?

"It was huge considering the Morrissey brothers were going at it, we wanted to get a win for him. First conference game is always good to win, especially the way in which we did."

How are you guys preparing for this week’s game against Galesburg?

"Just trying to change up the offensive game plan to keep them guessing. I think we’re going to be able to pound them up the middle and spread them out with a few passing plays. I think we should be very effective and be able to come away with a 'W'."

How long have you been playing quarterback?

"Probably 10 years, I started playing junior maroons in fifth grade, but even before then I was playing in the YMCA flag football league, so probably around second grade."

What’s your favorite part about playing quarterback?

"The leadership, you can kind of control your team. I just really like to lead."

What’s the most difficult part about the position?

"The high expectations for you. Sometimes when you lose it’s all on you. There’s a lot of pressure that goes into it, and there’s not a lot of room for mistakes or errors."

Who's your favorite quarterback of all time?

"Tom Brady, he’s just always been so good and a great leader."

What’s it like being a QB in a running offense?

"It’s tough sometimes, but we're slowly converting to more passing. When we do pass in this conference it comes as a big surprise, and it’s usually very effective with the receivers we have."

How do you deal with throwing interceptions and getting subbed out like in the Rich South game?

"That was rough, I was a little down on myself about making the mistake. Being able to come back in the second half and have another chance really got my confidence back up."

Tell me a little bit about the receivers that help make your job a little easier?

"We have three split ends that are very good in my opinion. One is Alijah Cortez whose one of the fastest I’ve seen, and he runs the routes perfectly, as well as catches anything thrown at him. The other two are David Xique and Marcellus Johnson, they’re all three very good for the offense and have been getting the job done."

What’s your favorite route to throw?

Easily the comeback route, because it’s been so effective.

Have you done any QB camps, or are you thinking about doing any?

"I have not yet, but I am thinking about doing some. I am interested in playing quarterback in college."

What other sports do you play, and which do you love more?

"Baseball, considering it's football season I should say football, but honestly probably baseball. Football is a close second. I play center field and a little catcher.

What else do you like to do outside of football?

"I like to hang out with friends and do really any activity or sport. I used to play basketball, but I recently quit last year to focus more on baseball and football."

— Zack Lundquist