Boys basketball

Today’s games

Lincoln Trail – Cambridge, at Cambridge/ROWVA Tournament (Cambridge, Oneida)  Galva vs. ROWVA at Cambridge/ROWVA Tournament (Cambridge, Oneida)  Stark County, Wethersfield at Colmone Classic (Spring Valley, Ill.)  United vs. Westmer at McDonald’s Holiday Classic (Aledo), 5:30.

NCIC – Hall Township, Mendota at Colmone Classic (Spring Valley, Ill.).

Three Rivers – Erie, Prophetstown at Cambridge/ROWVA (Cambridge)  Fulton, Newman, Riverdale at West Carroll Holiday Tournament.

Northwest Upstate Illini – River Ridge vs. Durand at West Carroll Holiday Tournament, 7:30  Unity Christian vs. Sterling Newman at West Carroll Holiday Tournament (Mount Carroll), 6.

Three Rivers – Newman vs. Fulton Unity Christian at West Carroll Holiday Tournament (Mount Carroll), 6.

Iowa-Illinois Shootout games

Saturday’s sophomore schedule at Rock Island

9 a.m. – Davenport West vs. Orion.

11 a.m. – Davenport Central vs. Geneseo.

12:45 p.m. – Davenport North vs. Galesburg.

2:30 p.m. – North Scott vs. Rock Island Alleman.

4:15 p.m. – Davenport Assumption vs. United Township.

6 p.m. – Bettendorf vs. Rock Island.

Previous scores of Iowa-Illinois Shootout games

(Illinois leads Iowa in series games, 28-22)

1994 – Moline 56, Bettendorf 38  Geneseo 58, Davenport North 48  United Township 54, Davenport West 45.

1995 – Bettendorf 64, Moline 55  Davenport North 63, Geneseo 40  United Township 42, Davenport West 33.

1996 – United Township 48, Bettendorf 41  Rock Island Alleman 54, Davenport Assumption 42  Moline 63, Davenport North 47  Geneseo 47, Davenport West 46.

1997 – Moline 60, Davenport Assumption 51  Rock Island 60, Davenport West 51  Rock Island Alleman 63, Davenport North 36  Bettendorf 61, Geneseo 50  United Township 53, Davenport Central 49.

1998 – United Township 66, Davenport West 38  Moline 54, Davenport Central 50  Davenport Assumption 78, Geneseo 41  Bettendorf 64, Rock Island Alleman 53, OT  Rock Island 57, Davenport North 44.

1999 – Davenport Central 54, Rock Island Alleman 47  United Township 49, Davenport North 42  Bettendorf 45, Moline 42  Geneseo 30, Davenport West 27  Davenport Assumption 62, Rock Island 55.

2000 – Davenport North 67, Geneseo 61  Rock Island 62, Davenport Central 57  Davenport Assumption 42, United Township 37  Bettendorf 61, Rock Island Alleman 57  Moline 55, Davenport West 32.

2001 – Davenport North 59, Moline 53  Davenport Assumption 44, United Township 43  Bettendorf 57, Rock Island 50  Rock Island Alleman 52, Davenport West 49, OT  Dubuque Wahlert 50, Geneseo 31.

2002 – Galesburg 71, Davenport North 61  Bettendorf 49, United Township 44  Rock Island 68, Davenport West 54  Davenport Central 54, Geneseo 46  Davenport Assumption 60, Rock Island Alleman 54.

2003 – Geneseo 51, Davenport Assumption 42  Rock Island Alleman 38, Davenport North 35  Bettendorf 53, Galesburg 44  United Township 53, Davenport West 47  Rock Island 68, Davenport Central 57.

2004 – Galesburg 60, Davenport West 33  Davenport North 45, Geneseo 37  Davenport Central 57, United Township 56  Davenport Assumption 58, Rock Island 48  Rock Island Alleman 38, Bettendorf 35.

Series records

Illinois schools – United Township 7-4, Rock Island 5-3, Moline 5-3, Rock Island Alleman 5-4, Geneseo 4-7, Galesburg 2-1.

Iowa schools – Bettendorf 8-3, Davenport Assumption 6-3, Davenport North 4-7, Davenport Central 3-4, Dubuque Wahlert 1-0, Davenport West 0-11.

Statistical leaders


Player, School G Pts. Avg.

Jamey Meyer, Durant-Bennett 3 59 19.7

Jeremy Weaks, Fulton 9 165 18.3

Jeremy Marchand, Annawan 5 90 18.0

Keaton Frye, North Scott 3 53 17.7

Ross Petersen, Durant-Bennett 3 53 17.7

Tanner Carlson, Annawan 5 88 17.6

Tyler Wood, Aledo 5 75 15.0

Mark Lauts, Rock Falls 7 104 14.9

Matt Ryder, Pleasant Valley 3 41 13.7

Don Vickrey, Aledo 5 66 13.2

Phillip Peugh, Rock Falls 7 92 13.1

Pete Langenhan, North Scott 3 35 11.7

Brandon Morris, Pleasant Valley 3 35 11.7

Graham Hall, Sterling 8 86 10.8

Jake Soy, Durant-Bennett 3 32 10.7

Sean Bright, Sterling 8 86 10.6

Darin Blaser, Aledo 4 41 10.3

Mike Sosnowski, North Scott 3 30 10.0


Player, School G Reb. Avg.

Nick Weir, Sterling 8 74 9.3

Nathan Murray, Sterling 8 72 9.0

Jake Soy, Durant-Bennett 3 25 8.3

Brandon Morris, Pleasant Valley 3 24 8.0

Keaton Frye, North Scott 3 23 7.7

Don Vickrey, Aledo 5 37 7.4

Jeremy Weaks, Fulton 9 65 7.2

Jamey Meyer, Durant-Bennett 3 18 6.0

3-point field goals

Player, School G 3FG Avg.

Jamey Meyer, Durant-Bennett 3 10 3.3

Tyler Wood, Aledo 5 13 2.6

Matt Ryder, Pleasant Valley 3 7 2.3

Phillip Peugh, Rock Falls 7 13 1.9

Ross Petersen, Durant-Bennett 3 5 1.7

Dylan Weaver, Rock Falls 7 12 1.7

Jeremy Marchand, Annawan 5 8 1.6


Player, School G Asst. Avg.

Brian Larson, Pleasant Valley 3 19 6.3

Sean Matthys, North Scott 3 16 5.3

Seth Blair, Rock Falls 7 35 5.0

Darin Blaser, Aledo 4 16 4.0

Field-goal percentage

(Minimum 3 FGM/game)

Player, School G 3FGM FGA Pct.

Matt Ryder, Pleasant Valley 3 15 22 .682

Don Vickrey, Aledo 5 26 41 .634

Pete Langenhan, North Scott 3 16 27 .593

Keaton Frye, North Scott 3 21 37 .568

Jake Soy, Durant-Bennett 3 9 16 .562

Mark Lauts, Rock Falls 7 40 72 .556

Jeremy Weaks, Fulton 9 73 134 .545

Dylan Weaver, Rock Falls 7 21 40 .525

Seth Blair, Rock Falls 7 23 44 .523

Mike Sosnowski, North Scott 3 12 23 .522

Phillip Peugh, Rock Falls 7 28 57 .491

Tyler Wood, Aledo 5 23 48 .479

Free-throw percentage

(Minimum 2 FTM/game)

Player, School G FTM FTA Pct.

Phillip Peugh, Rock Falls 7 23 27 .852

Ross Petersen, Durant-Bennett 3 14 18 .778

Jamey Meyer, Durant-Bennett 3 13 17 .765

Brian Larson, Pleasant Valley 3 9 12 .750

Mark Lauts, Rock Falls 7 24 32 .750

Tyler Wood, Aledo 5 16 22 .727

3-point field-goal percentage

(Minimum 1.5 3-pt. FGM/game)

Player, School G 3FGM 3FGA Pct.

Jamey Meyer, Durant-Bennett 3 10 20 .500

Matt Ryder, Pleasant Valley 3 7 14 .500

Dylan Weaver, Rock Falls 7 12 24 .500

Jeremy Marchand, Annawan 5 8 17 .471

Ross Petersen, Durant-Bennett 3 5 11 .454

Phillip Peugh, Rock Falls 7 13 32 .406

Tyler Wood, Aledo 5 13 32 .406

Girls basketball

Today’s games

Western Big Six  —  Galesburg at Quincy, 7:30; Moline at Alleman, 7:30; United Township at Rock Island, 7:30.

Lincoln Trail  —  AlWood, Kewanee Wethersfield, ROWVA at Knoxville/Abingdon Tournament, 5.

NCIC  —  Dixon at Sterling, 5  Princeton at Mendota, 7:30  Rochelle at LaSalle-Peru, 7:30.

Olympic  —  Farmington, Knoxville at Knoxville/Abingdon Tournament, 7:30  Macomb at Quincy (Ill.) Notre Dame, 7:30

Three Rivers  —  Erie, Fulton, Morrison, Riverdale at Deb Norman Memorial Tournament (Fulton).

Brimfield 53, West Prairie 41

BRIMFIELD – Lindsey McNamara 13, Jessi Rosecrans 22, Nicole Runyon 8, Liz Lapen 11.  Totals – 9 15-21 53.

WEST PRAIRIE – Megan Mohr 2, Megan Bulter 16, Alyssa Swanson 16, Haeli Johnson 9.  Totals – 17 4-7 41.

Three-point goals – Brimfield 2 (McNamara, Rosecrans), West Prairie 2 (Swanson 2).  Totals Fouls – Brimfield 10, West Prairie 20.

Wethersfield 47, Knoxville 33

WEATHERFIELD – Natalie Fargher 10, Maria Milray 5, Sarah McRae 1, Kayla Puckett 7, Ashley Stern 7, Malerie Huber 3, Casie Sullivan 2, Megan Castenson 12.  Totals – 16 13-18 47.

KNOXVILLE – Cudney Wright 5, Mackinsey Marquth 2, Brittni Johnson 6, Gloria Lehr 20.  Totals – 10 5-16 33.

Three-point goals – Wethersfield 2 (Milray, Huber), Knoxville 8 (Lehr 5, Johnson 2, Wright).

Totals Fouls – Wethersfield 16, Knoxville 18.


Today’s meets

MAC, Western Big Six – Assumption at Pleasant Valley, 6  Central, North Scott at Muscatine, 6  Clinton at Davenport North, 6  Moline at Metamora (Ill.), 5  Rock Island at Dixon, 6  United Township at Geneseo, 7:30.

Area – Aledo, Fulton at Erie/Prophetstown, 5:30  Camanche at Midland, 6:30  Cardinal (Iowa), Van Buren (Iowa) at Louisa-Muscatine, 6:30, Monmouth-Roseville at Kewanee, 6, New London (Iowa), Winfield-Mount Union (Iowa) at Columbus, Riverdale at Amboy (Ill.), 6  Rock Falls, Ottawa (Ill.) at Streator (Ill.), 5:30, Sterling, Plano (Ill.) at Oregon (Ill.), 5:30, Sterling Newman, Polo (Ill.) at Morrison, 6, United Township at Geneseo, 6  Wapello, Highland (Iowa) at Mediapolis (Iowa), Waterloo (Iowa) Columbus, Western Dubuque (Iowa) at Central DeWitt, 6.

Large-school leaders

Winning percentage

(Minimum 6 matches)

Wrestler, School W-L Pct.

Justin Kinzer, Dav. West 10-0 1.000

Ryan Redmond, Dav. West 10-0 1.000

Nic George, Geneseo 7-0 1.000

Jacob Mirocha, Dav. Central 7-0 1.000

Chad Christoff, North Scott 6-0 1.000

Stew Gilmor, North Scott 6-0 1.000

Mark Hessel, Pleasant Valley 6-0 1.000

Justin King, Pleasant Valley 6-0 1.000

Lucas Cropp, Geneseo 14-1 .933

Ryan Warner, Geneseo 13-1 .929

Andrew Hull, Geneseo 10-1 .909

Jason White, Dav. North 10-1 .909

Alec Hoffman, Dav. North 12-2 .857

Adam Sheley, Geneseo 12-2 .857

Clay Baker, North Scott 5-1 .833

Ryan Donahue, Pleasant Valley 5-1 .833

Tim Hintze, Pleasant Valley 5-1 .833

Griffin Holden, Pleasant Valley 5-1 .833

Tommy Mirocha, Dav. Central 5-1 .833

Tony Wilson, Dav. North 10-2 .833

Ryan Delf, Dav. West 8-2 .800

Jake Ward, Dav. West 8-2 .800

Tanner Warner, Geneseo 12-3 .800

The Quad-City Times will run statistical leaders for boys basketball and large-school wrestling every other week – rotating with girls basketball and small-school wrestling – throughout the winter sports season. If your school is not listed among the leaders, please urge your coach to submit statistics. Coaches are encouraged to submit their statistics by noon Tuesday. Coaches can obtain additional statistical forms by calling the Times at (563) 383-2294.

Boys swimming

Today’s meets

Clinton at Burlington, 6  Davenport Central at Bettendorf, 6  Davenport North at Pleasant Valley, 6  Davenport West at Muscatine, 6.

Girls bowling

Today’s match

Rock Island at Sterling (Blackhawk Lanes), 4.

2005 MAC All-Academic team


Boys golf  —  Andrew Barton, Brian Becker, Scott Copeland, Tom Paybe, Drew Phinney, Matt Shafer.

Cross Country  —  Dan Banas, Allie Brandter, Sean Carlin, Chris Carlin, Owen Cassel, Amber Clements, Colin Kent, Tori Klaas, Chris Kolar, Crystal Nucci, Kevin O’Brien, Jake Stolmier, Molly Tomsha, Christine Wallace, Mike Warren, Keriann Wilder, Peter Wood.

Football  —  Fritz Bentler, Matt Bentler, Eddie Coryn, Zach GUzzo, Andrew Jacobs, Matt Johnson, Zach Kaczmarek, Michael Luhmuller, Anthony Miller, Tim O’Donnell, Derrick Pershall, Jeff Schebler, Michael Schwartz, Kyle Steinbrecher.

Volleyball  —  Jennifer Blaser, Kristin Blough, Cailin Bush, Lauryn Carrara, Meghan Connors, Melissa Irmen, Allison Kane, Liz Phinney, Michelle Reufer, Bailey Shaw, Bryne Zinnecker.

Knight Kompany Dancers  —  Kayla Ayem Mary Lovewell, Darcy Stanger, Michela Byrne, Lara McCambridge, Lisa Stanforth.

Spirit Cheer  —  Kayla Aye, Mary Lovewell, Lara McCambridge, Megan Reynolds, Michelle Reife, Lisa Stanforth, Darcy Stranger, Ellie Stopulous.


Cheerleading  —  Kelly Baker, Emily Denison, Emily Duncan, Stephanie Medendorp, Emily Buckles, Sarah Francisco, Stephanie Louis, Stephanie Young.

Cross Country  —  William Bartek, Thomas Brevik, Nate Dane, Billy Edwards, Kevin Emard, John Giziki, Michael Hart, Zach Hungerford, Spencer Mesik, Trevor Miller, Ryan Naylor, Jeff Pennington, Matt Romkey, David Schoening, John Smay, Nick Stader, Marcus Cavanaugh, Jason Jared, Thomas Johnson, Tyler Mairet, Jacob Marty, Adam Oestrich, Charlie Schwartz, Joe Tisinger, Rebecca Dittmer, Joy Farber, Cassandra Johnson, Morgan Krause, Shannon Low, Kelley Murray, Kelsey Bekerning, Erica Kabat, Ann Kincaid, Kelley Ramon, Julia Rubino, Kelsie Russell, Christina Salter, Katharine Sickles, Diane Gapinski.

Football  —  Tim Dunlavy, Thomas Gissel, Mike Tharp, Zach Young, Chris Bitter, Nicole Dickenson (manager), Alan Edwards (manager), Stephen Flynn, Grant Friemel, Tyler Hughes, Craig Labath, Joshua Meyer, Michelle Meyer (manager), Tyler Perotti, Tyler Robbins, Colin Sandeman, Greg Stroh, Cam Stull, Justin Wagner.

Boys golf  —  Dan Guerrero, Ryan Williams.

Goldusters  —  Brittany Heiser, Kristin Pierce, Emily Slavens, Lauren Brandt.

Volleyball  —  Abby DeVries, Laura Dudgeon, Annie Galbraith, Emily Morse, Aubrey Meyers, Lori Pankratz, Catherine Seeck, Taylor Coots, Betsy Henson, Ashley Litchenberg, Kelsi Poole, Ashley Sivigny, Emily Voight, Katie Voight.

Girls swimming  —  Ally Green, Connie Jun, Julie Lehenbauer, Emma Moran, Sarah Brown, Sara Palcyznski, Allison Robinson, Mindy Schueleter, Anne Smazal, Holly VanSteenHuyse, Lexie Velez, Amy White.


Renee Dunkin, Heather Heuvelmann, Allison Setterberg, Ashley Butler, Amanda Eversmeyer, Alex Krenel, Anna Nelson, Leanna Nelson, Laura Orth, Stephanie Waddell.

Girls swimming  —  Lindsay Johnson, Laura Wayman, Christi Daft, Stephanie Moore, Kelsey Smith, Giselle Williamson.

Cross country  —  Allsion Richart, Nicole Buford, LouLou Dickey, Hannah Lambert, Natalie Poisel, Jessica Ryan, Derek Gibb, David Bouge, Dylan Boyle, Tyler Buckels, Freddy Frick, Ben Watson.

Boys golf  —  Adam Moyers, Kyle Kinney.

Football  —  Dexter Bareley, Taylor Buhmeyer, Kyle Carter, Bill Cheeley, Spencer Pflum, Nathan Roberts, Chuck Severs, Sean Atwater, Clay Beckman, Ryan Cox, Tyler Frankfother, Daniel Graber, Grant Ita, Travis McRoberts, Bryan Roach, Mark Robertson, Jason Schnicker, Adam Slage, Nick Weitzel, Travis Whitmore.

Cheerleading  —  Alicia Dixon, Kristina Ehert, Ainsley Fedler, Mallory Gustison, Courtney jeager, Brittny Martin, Anna Salino-Hugg, Aby Weyls, Elizabeth Eslami, Kayla Hart.


Football  —  Justin Bartels, Ben Brothby, Kurtis Brondyke, Greg Cagley, Ryan Clausen, Michael Fullan, Cody Gee, Ryan Hovey, Evan Massey, Spencer Policha, Nick Powell, Aaron Sass, Taylor Shipman, Craig Vidal, Jeff Wallace, Brad Williams, Jake Yahn.

Girls swimming  —  Faith Atherton, Keli Goodard, Carrie hale, Mercedes Hansen, Angela Holy, Kandice Kerr, Kristen Kopp, Jessica Craft, Randi Naeve.

Volleyball  —  Katie Angwin, Aimee Aude, Kayla Brewer, Emily Guemmer, Allyson hess, Danielle Junker, Barb Kremer, Heather Newton, Devin Rolston, Jackie Shovlain, Jenna Wallace.

Cross country  —  Ann Fogg, Anne Fredenberg, Ashley Getz, Melanie Jindrich, Sarah Lane, Kristin Olney, Kamila Verdiyeva, Katie Weis, Mary Yoder, Arne Doehring, Doug Haines, StephanHeinrich, Travis Johnson, Andy Olney, Ankit Patel, Tony Prins, Kyle Spitter, Casey Turner.

Cheerleading  —  Brooke Ebensberger, Bianca Iverson, Kearstn Martin, Regina Mullaley, Samantha Young.

Boys golf  —  Eric Cagley, Randy Hurlburt, Eric Niedermeyer, Kevin Rogis.

Davenport Central

Football  —  Trevor Ashford, Andrew Cole, Chris Cook, Andrew Dotterer, Ben Early, Justin Evans, Tom Holliday, Mitch Howe, Shane Johnson, Anson Kritsch, Stephen Kucharo, Andrew Lellig, Dan Martinez, Evan Muench, Andrew Oswalt, TJ Pearson, Tyler Running, Tyler Ryan, Santi Sanchez-Warner, Demetrius Scott, Brendan Syfert, Julian Vandervelde, Mike Waterman, Corey Wood.

Cross country  —  Laura Belas, Chelsea Behrnhardt, Jenni Bierie, Sarah Cupp, Meryl Gahagan, Niki Hart, Susan korn, Erin Lindsay, Ashlee Martin, Allison Maxwell, Angela Schroeder, Lila Smith, Paul Baresal, Ben Bell, David Jacobsen, Dan Linehan.

Volleyaball  —  Chelsea Cervantez, Katie Cervantez, Jessica Jordan, Erin McCluskey, Laura Palen, Signe Porteshaver, Kassandra Sadlek, Courtney Williams.

Boys golf  —  Jonathan Abpplanalp, Zach Curtis, Mike Davis, Nic Fedorachak, Jordan Gillund, John Hoeksema, Jordan King, Nick King.

Girls swimming  —  Ellen Archer, Emily Davies, Lindsay Early, Becca Flesburg, Andrea Glasgow, Kirsten Hanford, Kaitlyn Hoefeldt, Kaila Jenaman, Becky Lorentzen, Amber Muse, Jasmine Rankin, Erin Sodawasser, Marissa Thede

Davenport North

Volleyball  —  Lindsey Ross, Kayla Williams, Stephanie Glider, Caitlyn Clay, Alyssa Rauch, Rebecce Carroll, Rebecca Burmeister.

Football  —  Tyler Bolkema, Andrew Kimble, Yomogita Satoshi, Kerry Meyer, Adam Johnson.

Cross country  —  Chris Blick, Steven Brys, Ben Scheider, Ken Dengler, Stephen Arvanis, Andrew Longley, Mark Hittenmiller, Blanca Cortez, Kirsten Perkins, Darla Smith, Alicia Villareal.

Boys golf  —  Jeff Lafrenz, Matt Brown.

Girls swimming  —  Kathleen Wallace, Andrea Iossi.

Davenport West

Boys golf  —  Riley Post, Adam Wessling.

Cross country  —  Collin Bickford, Kale Brockman, Josh Griggs.

Cheerleading  —  Lindsay Bryson, Michelle Cheramy, Kara Hermiston, An Huyn, Stacey lang, Megan McIntyre, Madeline Piatt, Ashley Reitz, Kim Warner, Cassie Olds.

Girls swimming  —  Lindsay Bryson, Marissa Carthy, Stacey Lange, Jenna Platt, Courtney Weise, Jenna Willert, Lindsay Sexton.

Volleyball  —  Ashley Reitz, Jill Feipel, Katie Hamilton, Michelle Duncan, Margie Taylor, Ashley Clausen, Tiffany Harland, Sarah Saladino, Kim Warner, Amada Trammell.

Football  —  Cory Schaechenbach, Mike Korening, Steve Clayes, Steve Krestschmer, Eric Peekenschneider, Tyler Neumann, Kermie Perez, Corey Kitzmann, Mike Keppy, Ryan Sharp, Nate Tandeski, Ryan Brophy, Brian Schutte, Jake Ward.


Cross country  —  Kaleb Boyer, Tyler Carter, Luke Goodard, Matthew Howell, Matthew Johanssen, Conor Lawrence, Zachary Martin, Ian Merrill, Nathan Mundell, Adam Nupp, Timothy Odell, Evan Schmelzer, Joseph Stych, Jarid Wagner, Gregory Walker, Mitchell Wheaton, Brett Williams, Jacob McGlaughlin, Allison Bailey, Kelsey Beeding, Amy Cooney, Ashli Czerwiec, Cori Dahl, Madelyn Harmon, Mary Huddleston, Elizabeth Jindrich, Kathryn Kenyon, Danielle Moore, Elizabeth Orr, Bailey Peak, Megan Roelle, Rhiannon Weigland, Elizabeth Wunder.

Cheerleading  —  Jennifer Bloom, Paige Frantz, Amanda Strong.

Football  —  Jordan Brauns, Brock Davis, Jeffery Davidson, Willian Eichelberger , Julio Espada, Clay Finley, David Hagerty, Lucas Heltzer, Blake McManus, Benjamin Pohl, Aleix Reimers, Mikael Rein, Tucker Sulzberger, Evan Sulzberger, Tyler Tiecke, Nicholas Williams, Andrew Zeck, Bobby Rogers

Boys golf  —  Bryan Dahl, Jacob Price, Elias Schroeder, Patrick Sojka, Matthew Sturmus, Criag Stych.

Girls swimming  —  Courtney Cook, Holly Howard, Alison Kreiger, Megan Main, Emily Mead, Kristen Mohannsen, Emily Mohanon, MacKenzie Murray, Cara Rada, Rachel Rauenbuehler, Anne Rohde, Justine Schmelzer, Amy VanAcker

Volleyball  —   Shannon Aguero, Kelsey Allen, Kathleen Baker, Cortnie Eagle, Vanessa Evenson, Kylie Franklin, Katelynn Hogenson, Cari Saurbrei, Madalyn Schuman, Nicole Shihadeh, Kayla Sorensen.

Poms  —  Marye Caslavka, Alison Krieger, Megan Main, Melissa Mathis, Emily Mohanon, Elizabeth Orr, Kari Ramsey, Nicole Shihadeh, MaKenzie Williams.

North Scott

Football  —  Brett Aden, Chad Cristoff, Kyle Eckerman, Ben Frost, Shawn Gerard, Boyd Higgins, Dalton Highes, Rob Kuhl, Pete Langenhan, Matt McCallister, Andrew Meyer, Dan Roling, Tanner Shaw, AJ Wilcox.

Volleyball  —  Jenni bader, Julie Bader, Britt Erps, Jenni Kilen, Kimi Logan, Paige Nagle, Jamie Ploessl, Kayla Denner.

Cross country  —  Laura Bjurstrom, Caitie Dau, Kelsey Dunn, Jenny Falter, Sara Krogman, Jamie McCubbin, Jill Munson, Katy Pearce, Cait Schneckloth, Sarah Schreck, Cathryn Spinler, Taylor Wilson, Sarah VanDeCastlee, Katie Youngbauer, Dane Batel, Drew Baustian, Alec Epkes, Micheal Less, Alex Pehler, Joe Suiter, Seth Thomspon.

Boys golf  —  Tyler Tuttle.

Cheerleading  —  Kendra Behrens, Kayloni Sandon, Lisa Tressel.

Pleasant Valley

Cross country  —  Kyle Piasecki, Betty Gibson, Katie McGee, Susan Nemeth-Wild, Ally Milch, Anna Welker, Sarah Christiensen, Jessica Zimmer, Kelsey Bulat, Erin Roth, Calla Parochettie, Hop Huston, Stephanie Sellers, Gordon Meuller, Jordan Lang, Cody Tebut, Gavin Sutherland, Spencer Hart, Sam McNamara, Alex Jager, Ben misak, Phillip Hawbaker, Thomas Zechel, Brian Bicknell, Karl Brunso.

Volleyball  —  Laura Suh, Caitlin Pryor, Kelly karwath, Emily Johnson, Natalie McIlwain, Sarah Roberts, Megan Berens, Bridget Reich.

Football  —  Erik Peterson, John Qian, Zach Andersn-Clausen, Jayce Wallin, Matt Conway,  Kay Wagoner, Riley Consodine, Justin king, Matt Kirkeeng, Geoff Buckner, Jonathan Hull, Don Congreve, Pat Cundiff, Brett Greenwood, Josh Crow, Magaret Ulrich (manager).

Cheerleading  —  Anglea Rousch, Lauren Anderson, Lauren Eckhardt, Whitner Achenbaugh, Diana Rich, Marie Ludgate, Katie O’Neal, Sara Spiva.

Girls swimming  —  Liz Horvat, Marielle Redington, Kelsey Walter, Rachel lee, Magaret Ulrich, Molly Kuhn, Kim Holmberg, Kyle Albert.

Boys golf  —  Tyler Weke, Eric Hartter, Brian Nowack, Andrew Townsend, Mark Mateski, Matt Larson, Greg Vize.

Poms  —  Melissa Barnes, Kat Wolrey, Courtney Bohn, Kelly Weiss, Kiley Seligman, Stephanie Newport, Marla Claussen.