To say the Mallards goaltending has been something less than stellar during their five-game losing streak is to say the least.

Kyle Jones has a 5.78 goals against average, and a saves percentage of .800 in three turns in goal.

Jerad Kaufmann's numbers in three starts and one in a relief effort: 4.94 and .851.

Just when you think you've seen it all, coach Frank Anzalone?

"I have never had goaltending that sagged that drastically over five games," said the veteran of 28 coaching seasons. "This is a first."

It is why Anzalone is checking the market for available goaltenders, among other positions. So far, the market hasn't overwhelmed.

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"I want to replace a guy with a guy that is as good as him," he said. "That is the challenge. That includes goalies. I'm exploring. So far, I've got four or five possibilities. Not eight or 10."

One potential solution is better play in front of the existing goalies from the existing squad.

"This team doesn't promote confidence in goalies all the time," he said. "There needs to be a good work ethic, the stuff we do in practice. Good D zone (work), good structure, sticks on the ice. That's what the goalies expect out of a team that is an average team that plays above average by working hard and playing the system."

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